Shoreditch pub crawling*

Mundane parties and boring staff with repetitive chat are no one’s cup of tea. And, when you prefer coffee, you are sure to find an alternative. Shoreditch on the eastern edge of London provides an edgy answer when you are of the latter category. With its unique location between the east end and modern central London, Shoreditch makes an exciting place to vent out your inner Shakira, as a beauty with historical gains.

Crawl your nights with Shoreditch

A party person? Great! Hop onto a Shoreditch Pub Crawl and party like you have never before. This place is a big hit amongst everyone. There are plenty of locals, rather than tourists, in Shoreditch so, be ready for one of the most memorable nights out ever. Joining a bar crawl is like getting a ticket to turn your boring night into an unforgettable one. The nightlife experience with Shoreditch Pub Crawl is one to really get you into partying in contemporary London. Organized by the same company as the London party pub crawl (the one in Camden), the graffiti walls in Shoreditch give you a familiar welcome, like an old friend.

Explore bars, art, and culture in one go

Shoreditch is home to the new upcoming hipster side of London. Beginning to understand the cultural scene starts from the architecture of Old Street station itself and continues to wow us up to St. Leonard’s and beyond. Converted warehouses that have found a new life as bars and cocktail shacks surround us as the night progresses. The art scene covers Elizabethan theatre and Victorian entertainments with museums, memorabilia, and more. For example, The London Music Hall, or the Shoreditch Empire, saw Charlie Chaplin as a struggling performer and upcoming artist. Bars are more than mere spots of fun and frolic in Shoreditch.

The Lucky Five

Starting with The Shoreditch plus the mandatory Cargo, and ending at Trapeze or Aquarium, the minimum number of bars crawled every time is five. Wanna play the lottery with bars? Then remember to start early at 8 or 9pm from any of the above mentioned starting points. Free tokens for shots are available at every bar-stop. Even last minute ticket bookings don’t cost any more than £20. The total time for the crawl is exactly five hours and it takes place on Fridays and Saturdays. There is free entry to five bars, exclusive drink deals, five free shots, a photographer capturing your insta shots all night and you’ll meet plenty of people.

The bells of Shoreditch

Shoreditch is a place where you are bound to become a drunk Indiana Jones or the questioning Dr. Watson of Sherlock Holmes because of its unparalleled pivotal points in London’s history. Whether or not you studied history or read nursery rhymes about oranges and lemons (you know the one I’m talking about!), the strolling and bar-crawling experience here will definitely make you say “when I grow rich says the bells of Shoreditch” for probably the first time in your life.

Whether you’re a hard-core party lover or someone brand new to the nightlife of London, this is definitely the place to be.

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