Shelling Out

One of my best friends bought me a voucher for my birthday to get my nails done and I redeemed this last night (yay!). After my gel glitter tips, I decided to take a (small) step back from my fakeness! I decided to get Shellac done which is part polish, part gel overlay and is supposed to last for up to 14 days.

Even though the weather is getting warmer (not that I would know, spending my days in the office at Beauty HQ!), I chose a dark purple colour (I think it might be called Rock Royalty) and even though my nails were thin and super short thanks to my extensions, they look amazing now! They have an extra shiny mirror finish and dry instantly under the UV light. It will save me from the worry of having to paint my nails and whether they are chipped or messy.

I am really enjoying getting beauty treatments at the moment, especially as through work I have been learning so much about them. Next on my list are HD brows and semi-permanent eyelash extensions. I’ll keep you posted!

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