Sensitive Skin Month

#SensitiveSkin Month

Ok, so as well as being Easter and the month that I jet off to Portugal for a week (yay!) April is also Sensitive Skin Month – celebrating the dry, the itchy and the redness that makes some of us just want to hide away from the world!

Why do I still have teenage skin? I’m 26 years old!

I’ve suffered from pretty much EVERY type of skin since being a teenager. Rather than experiencing dry, flaking skin, my sensitivity is a little different. I tend to breakout in hideous spots really easily when using strong products which are full of chemicals and I sometimes get eczema and dry skin on my joints, especially my inner wrists.

Green People provide products especially formulated to be really kind to even the most sensitvie of skins and their No Scent range is the kindest yet. These products are allergy friendly, fragrance free and their ingredients are certified organic – basically the most naturally thing you can use on your face and body.

Not just great products, ethical too!

The Green People product range is also not tested on animals and is fairly traded. This amazing company even donates 10% of its profits to charity which means your conscience is completely clear when using these and you can feel really great about yourself as well as having glowing skin!

These products are packed with great natural ingredients including shea butter for moisturisation, hibiscus for anti-ageing and protective anti-oxidants green tea and rosemary extracts.

I’ve been trying out the following products all month:

Help at Hand Hand Cream*
I always tend to read before I go to bed as it really relaxes me and helps me drift off to sleep. However, touching the paper of the books gives me really dry hands and so I always keep a hand cream by the side of the bed. I also have ezcema on the insides of my wrists (I’m not sure if this is caused by my watch and bracelets) which is itchy and flaky.

The Help at Hand Cream is really moisturising and alleviates dry skin on your hands without leaving them greasy, like some other hand creams I’ve used. It has also helped relieve the symptoms of my eczema, soothing the itching and calming the skin. Although this product is scent free, it has a naturally clean, fresh scent which is really lovely.

Anti-Ageing 24 Hour Cream*

This isn’t actually the first time that I’ve used this moisturiser and I still love it as much as the first time I used it! It’s super moisturising which is great for all your dry areas and it’s formula helps to balance out your more oily areas, leaving your skin soft, supple and smooth without greasiness or flaking. It feels really light when it’s applied, unlike some moisturisers which can feel too heavy, and is a perfect base for a light, day time make-up as well as a night cream.

Sun Lotion SPF25*
Unfortunately I’ve not had chance to use this as it was inteded to be used yet (blame the English climate for that, although I shouldn’t complain as it has been sunny recently) but I’m hoping I will get to try it out on my holiday to Portugal next week (fingers crossed for sunshine!). This was specially designed for fair complexions (which I do have, underneath my fake tan!) and protects against both UVA and UVB rays which means it protects your skin from the rays which cause sun damage and ageing to your skin. It is water resistant which means you can apply it in the morning and wear it poolside or for a lovely wander on the beach.

Great news! Green People are currently offering 10% off some of their most popular sensitive skin products to help your skin stay beautiful during Sensitive Skin Month, find out more here.

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