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SlimCha Teatox
Teatoxes are all over Twitter and Instagram and they’re certainly the big thing at the moment in terms of weightloss. They’ve even been in the national press with scare stories about using them, including claims that they can counteract the pill and result in unexpected pregnancy (yikes!). I’ve already tried the Slendertox teatox and recently I’ve been drinking SlimCha tea – in my latest attempt to get slim quick.

With all natural ingredients like lime leaves, nettle and chipotle chili, this is a 14 day teatox which is supposed to aid weight loss, promote skin health, relaxation and increase energy levels. You drink two cups of SlimCha a day, one before lunch and one before dinner for best results.

You’re supposed to use hot (but not boiling) water to brew the tea for three minutes before drinking it.
SlimCha Teatox

The Good Things about a SlimCha Teatox

Unlike Slendertox Tea which literally tasted like how I imagine grass seed would taste, SlimCha is quite tasty. I mean, I wouldn’t go out of my way to drink a cup of it, but it’s not completely repulsive. It has some sort of Thai flavourings in it which I like and you can definitely taste the chili.

It didn’t make me go to the toilet countless times a day. One of the main things that people don’t like about the other teatox programmes is that they basically work by cleansing the colon which means that you’re literally running to the toilet every few seconds and making a fool of yourself in important meetings for an entire two weeks. This one works a little differently by replenishing and nourishing your digestive system which I think is supposed to speed it up.

The Bad Things about a SlimCha Teatox

I found it quite difficult to stick to. With other teatoxes you have one cup in the morning as soon as you wake up and then one before you go to bed and this is really easy to fit into your daily routine. With this one you’re supposed to drink one cup before lunch and one cup before dinner. I kept forgetting the one before lunch and the one before dinner was quite difficult for me to fit into my lifestyle. I’m often rushing from work to a dinner and so didn’t have time to fit one in before then.

But the main thing that I didn’t like about this teatox was that it didn’t really work – I didn’t lose any weight at all, I didn’t have increased energy and I didn’t feel any more relaxed or healthy than usual.

What I’ve learned through my teatox journeys is that there aren’t any quick fixes to a gorgeous body – like everyone says (and unfortunately for me since I love food and hate exercise) it’s a lifestyle change which involves eating less and exercising more. I’m not saying that SlimCha doesn’t work for everyone but it definitely didn’t work for me.

Find out more about SlimCha and get your own teatox here.

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