Review: Ordinary Skincare Co Extraordinary Day Cream*

I’m always on the lookout for new skincare brands since my skin is so awful and I’ve yet to find anything that clears it and keeps it clear. Maybe I never will, but I’m having lots of fun trying different brands out!

I only had a small sample of Ordinary Skincare Co. Extraordinary Day Cream and so it’s difficult to give you a true picture of what the product range is like after only a couple of uses, but I will definitely do my best (as always) to give you as good a review of the product as I possibly can. This new range is specially formulated for sensitive skin, so if you suffer with eczema, psoriasis or acne rosacea then this is probably worth a try.

My skin isn’t sensitive in a dry way (as it’s unfortunately super oily) but it sometimes reacts to certain products, coming up in large, angry red boils – did someone say Clinique?! – so I do have to be careful about what I use on it.

This South African skincare range includes products for moisturising your skin for both day and night time including: Extraordinary Day Cream, Extraordinary Night Cream, Extraordinary Eye Gel and Plainordinary Moisturising Balm and there is also an SPF version of the day cream. I adore the branding of the products and I think it’s everything skincare packaging should be – clean and simple with a shot of bright colour,

The range smells really lovely and the scent reminds me a little bit of baby lotion (in a good way of course!) and if that’s good enough for a new born’s skin, then this is good enough for me. The Extraordinary Day Cream settles into your skin really easily, absorbing quickly rather than taking ages to massage in like some creams. It’s really nourishing but non-greasy and leaves skin feeling super soft.

This moisturiser is full of lovely natural ingredients (I bet you’re sick of me saying how careful I’m trying to be about what I put on my skin!) including nourishing shea butter, olive oil and grapeseed oil. It’s also really light so lovely for day time wear – a great alternative to your usual products!

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