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Black and White wax

I recently had my hair cut short. Ok, so it’s not exactly a pixie cut, it still comes to just below my shoulders, but still. It was a big change for me and I lost several inches. It really needed a good chop though, as my ends were really ratty and so I wasn’t sorry to see it go.

But there were a few issues with my new hair cut – it took a little bit of getting used to. It looked thin at the top and thick at the bottom and it didn’t look right unless it had been styled properly. I’m pretty low maintenance (don’t laugh, Mr P!) when it comes to my hair in the day time – I just blow and go – and so a style that needs straightening or curling all the time is a bit tricky.

I’ve had my fair share of hair disasters over the years – the very worst being a Posh Spice inspired short do in year 7 where I cried in the hairdresser’s chair and have never truly gotten over it – and I’m determined not to let this hair cut become one.

I’ve been using Black and White Wax for the past couple of weeks and I’m loving it. Like other waxes, you mold it with your fingertips and apply to your do but unlike other waxes, it doesn’t separate your hair into strands and leave it looking greasy. I’ve had a real problem with this with other hair products as my hair is really fine and it tends to look greasy, especially on the second day.

Black and White Wax gives me the hair I want – just the right amount of tousled at the roots and slick at the ends, without the dragged through a hedge backwards look – and it lasts all night. And the smell. It smells clean and slightly of baby wipes which sounds weird but is amazing. I couldn’t stop smelling my own hair.

Mr P even tried out the wax and loved it which is great as I love products that we can share – it saves room in the cupboards in the bathroom!

Black and White Wax is available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug and Boots and is a celebrity favourite with fans like Johnny Depp (swoon) and Robert Pattinson (double swoon). It has recently been nominated for Best High Street Wax at the 2015 Hair Magazine Awards, an accolade it has won on more than one occasion in its 90 years in the industry.

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