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If you’re in a relationship, there is only one thing that comes anywhere near close to the craziness and excitement of the festive season and that’s Valentine’s Day. Showing your beau that you care is something that the more cynical say should be done every day, but why not celebrate the day dedicated to it?

It’s a day about love, but you’ve got to admit – the gifts are a pretty nice addition. It’s your one day to get spoiled, so start dropping the hints for your favourite things…like, now.

Raindrops on roses

Roses are the traditional flowers to give for Valentine’s, but don’t be afraid to start showing your preference to a bunch of flowers that you’d actually like to receive. There are thousands of alternatives out there to the simple red rose and you don’t even have to change colour if you want to keep it slightly traditional; just hint at flowers which come in a variety of colours like poppies, dahlias, carnations and peonies. You’ll be spoilt for choice trying to choose how to be spoiled. But it’s not a bad way to be.

Whiskers on kittens

Ok, so don’t ask for a pet. Think long and hard about it, and even if you do want one, wait until after Valentine’s Day. Go for something that’s less responsibility-inducing like some perfume instead – thefragranceshop have great range to choose from.

Bright copper kettles

A woman’s place is most definitely not in the kitchen, but for many it is their favourite room in the house. A place where you can create, where you can be imaginative and most importantly, a place where you can eat. (Even if you don’t eat in your kitchen, you can eat as you go along – it’s standard, right? Right?) It’s your chance to nudge towards something that Mary Berry would be envious of.

Warm woollen mittens

It’s February – it’s still cold, and will be for a while until Spring starts to get its act together. Don’t dismiss the idea of asking for something practical, like a new scarf/pashmina, a hat and some gloves to warm yourself up. You could even be really cheeky and start dropping hints towards a new coat…well, these things do go out of style rather quickly, don’t they?! You’d only be doing what’s natural to keep up with the trends…you don’t want to be left behind in last season’s gear…and other such excuses you can present to back you up.

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

You may not have a clue on what to ask for, what to hint towards or even what you want, really. If so, you’re blessed in the way that you don’t need to ask for much at all. Let your partner loose and see what they turn up with – it may just surprise you with either how little thought (worst case scenario) they’ve put into it or how much they know about you and have thought about the gift (best scenario ever).

Are these a few of your favourite things?

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