Online fashion marketplace Pret a Portobello comes on the market*

London’s iconic online fashion market, which puts many up-and-coming and well-known designers’ street stalls online, goes on sale.

Founded in 2008 by three fashion-savvy sisters – Victoria Uttley, Lisette Vane Percy and Georgina Cooper –
Pret a Portobello became a go-to online fashion marketplace for unconventional and modish shoppers. Selling unique trendy clothes and carefully curated quirky accessories from the very best of brands and designers, Pret a Portobello connects the online world with the colour and vibrancy of the London’s street market experience.

Since its launch, Pret a Portobello has been loved by celebrity fans including Keira Knightley, Mischa Barton and Fearne Cotton. It has also been extensively featured in mainstream media including the Guardian, the Metro, Marie Claire, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Instyle, and Drapers.

The success of the company has been greatly attributed to its proprietary software MarketSpace, which allows independent fashion brands and designers to sell via virtual market stalls on the site. Staying true to its market-inspired roots, Pret a Portobello’s innovative Haggle® software even allows shoppers to bargain with sellers on the site.

The sale is handled by Metis Partners, an award-winning multi-disciplinary intellectual property consulting firm, which has expertise and excellent reputation in fashion and retail brand sales. Its portfolio of successful intellectual property deals in the industry includes the sales of Paul Simon, Natural Hero, MFI, Bank Fashion, Ortak, Internacionale and Miss Scarlett.

Nat Baldwin, of Metis Partners, who is co-ordinating the assignment, said: “Pret a Portobello’s adaptable, ready-to-go e-commerce platform coupled with the iconic brand and reputation amongst fashion savvy buyers has a tremendous growth potential and could help rejuvenate or extend an existing business.”

The intellectual property assets for sale include goodwill in the Pret a Portobello brand, registered trade mark, software, valuable customer and supplier databases, branded domain names and website content.

All offers should be submitted directly to Metis Partners by noon on Wednesday 13 October 2016.

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