My night time make-up look

night-time make-up
I’m not going to even pretend that I’m a make-up artist/any good at doing my own make-up and I don’t think that I’ll be doing make-up tutorials anytime soon as when I try a smokey eye I look like a drunken panda! When I can afford it, I love to get my make-up done at Embellish Chesterfield but I still have a night time look, and (thanks to some lovely new products!) I think it looks pretty good! So here’s my most recent night-time make-up routine, as debuted at a party on Friday night.

1. All about that base

As with everything in life, if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail! Your make-up needs a good base and I start with a clean face (ooh, that rhymes!). I use SBC All Skins 3-in-1 Cleanser* followed by a Dermalogica toner. And what follows a cleanse and tone? Why, a good moisturiser of course! I stay with my fave skin care brand and use Dermalogica Active Moist. Once my skin is ready, I use a primer as a base for my foundation. I recently got sent Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore Minimising Face Primer* so I’ve been using that. Only a little bit is needed and it really smooths out your skin and it definitely does what it says on the tin which is great for my oily skin. At this point I also apply Benefit Erase Paste to the dark circles around my eyes (well, I’m so busy with my blog right now!).

Milani make-up

2. Build the foundations

For this look, I also used Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 In 1 Foundation & Concealer*. You literally only need a teeny tiny bit of this foundation as it’s coverage is SO GOOD – I definitely need that for my skin! Because of this, it’s a little difficult to blend, especially around the eyebrow areas, so you need a little bit of time (and patience!) to make sure you’ve got no tide marks.

I then finish off with a Youngblood Mineral Foundation*, which I really use more as a finishing powder, over the top.

3. Here are the highlights

I’m not even going to pretend that I know all about contouring and strobing but I do use a couple of highlighting products to bring out my cheekbones and brow bones. I use Benefit High Beam underneath my brows and on the top of my cheekbones and for this look I’ve also used Milani Strobelight Glow Powder* in Sunglow on my cheekbones and to draw number 3s from my forehead, cheekbones and chin. The colour of this is amazing and gives you a really sun-kissed, golden glow. It would be absolutely perfect if you have a little bit of a tan (either real or fake!).

4. All in the eyes

I think my eyes are my best feature and so I like to make the most of them. I use a Rimmel pencil on my eyebrows and a Rimmel kohl eyeliner on the waterline in the blackest black I can find. I was given a MAC eyeshadow palette for Christmas and I use #Noir on my lids and then Honey Lust above this and a thin line below the bottom lashes. When it comes to the eyes, there’s so much that can be done, especially as there are so many eyeshadow colours that you can choose from. I have a few loose eyeshadow pans in the bottom of my makeup bag, so something like beauty junkees magnetic makeup palette could come in handy. Creating a unique palette would be pretty cool, especially if they are colours that you would use all the time.

I’m obsessed with gold and copper tones. I then try my hardest to draw two equal lines of Rimmel Scandaleyes Microliner* on my top lash line. I also just got sent the new Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara* and so I applied a couple of coats of this over the top.

5. Pucker up

Pinks and nudes are my favourite colours for my lips and it’s always got to be a matte lipstick, never a gloss. My lipstick of the moment is Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipstick* in Salute. A little spritz of fixing spray and I’m all done!

*I was gifted items to include in this post.

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