Natural Amber sixpence necklace

Natural Amber necklace

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How beautiful is this sixpence necklace? As seen on the lovely (and very stylish) Holly Willoughby, fashionistas throughout the nation have been going wild trying to find this stunning piece of jewellery. This one from Natural Amber is the real thing. Made from two genuine British sixpence coins, it is a little on the pricey side but it’s more of an investment piece than a cheap piece of disposable fashion jewellery.

Each necklace is handmade by Natural Amber’s in-house jewellery team. The necklace sits at the perfect height for a pendant – not too short (it isn’t a choker!) or too long, just sitting nicely at the bottom of your neck. It looks great with a low cut top or dress. The beautiful sixpence coins are intricate and interesting in their design and when you wear them, it’s as if you are wearing a little piece of history since they’re not in circulation anymore.

Natural Amber necklace

How lovely is this packaging?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her shoe…

Sixpences are also considered lucky (and goodness knows I’m in need of some good luck this year!). It’s traditional to wear one in your shoe when you get married (although, trust me, this is quite uncomfortable!), and it’s the coin used in Christmas puddings, which is supposed to bring you good luck if you find it. Second World War pilots also used to sew them into their uniforms before flights to keep them safe.

This Natural Amber necklace is perfect for any occasion and looks great with casual and more dressy outfits. I’ve worn mine on a cinema date with my bestie and in the office.

Natural Amber necklace
A celeb-fave, not only has this necklace been seen on Holly, but Michelle Keegan, TOWIE stars like my favourite Lydia Bright, and Jorgie Porter have all got their own sixpence necklaces.

For more jewellery inspiration and some gorgeous necklaces, check out projection getnamenecklace.

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