Nail Art by Helena Biggs*

I’ve been reading this gorgeous book – Nail Art by the deputy editor of the UK’s (if not the world’s) leading nail magazine Scratch. Helena Biggs’ book is a journey into the world of beautiful nails and includes full colour photos, tutorials and all sorts of fashion tidbits. 
There’s a section on fantasy nail art (think stilettos with 3D embellishments in everything you can think of) and talks you through the latest trends including the caviar and felt manicures. The book takes you through the history of nail art from it’s very beginnings and teaches you the essentials including how to prepare the nail and how to do a simple but elegant and timeless French manicure.
Although I’m no stranger to the world of nail art (I’ve seen competitions at the Professional Beauty and Olympia shows) it’s never really been a skill of mine and I can never manage to find the time to try it out. I find it difficult enough to paint my nails a block colour without smudging which is why I love to get them done professionally rather than struggle through myself. But, since I have a free day today I thought I’d sit down and give it a good go. 
Following one of the easy step by step tutorials, I flicked past half moon manicure and tribal nails as they looked a bit too tricky for a first timer, and decided on cross-over polka dot nails from the chapter ‘Nail art from the underground’ because I thought it sounded pretty cool.   
And these are the results:
Ok, so they’re not the best ever quality (maybe I shouldn’t have attempted this the day after a couple of fizzy wines, my hands were a little shaky!) and yes, my right hand does look a whole lot worse than my left BUT this simple style actually looks quite quirky and cool. 
I used OPI polishes in Schnapps Out of It (the terracotta) and Keeping Suzi at Bay (the blue). OPI is my favourite Polish range, not least because their shades have the most amazing names but also because they have the patented Pro Wide brush which makes it really easy to cover the whole nail in just the right amount of polish. I used the round end of a kirby grip to do the dotting. Obviously a dotting tool is preferable and gives a neater result but I didn’t have one so had to improvise! I shall definitely be trying out a few more designs over the next few weeks and you never know – my skills may improve!
Nail Art by Helena Biggs is also a pretty good read. If you’re looking for inspiring designs to create bang on trend nails by the world’s leading nail technicians, then this really is the book for you!
You can get your own copy of Nail Art at
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