Moroccan Tan* – it’s so Sweet!

Moroccan Tan was debuted in this country at Professional Beauty North in Manchester this October – one of the biggest professional beauty shows in the UK. Originating from Australia, this latest innovation in spray tanning is already a big hit in Oz and New Zealand and, to be fair, they should know all about tanning.

The best (and most unique) thing about this product is that the tan is infused with argan oil. The beauty industry’s hero ingredient for years, I’ve yet to come across a tan that contains it. Self-tanning products are often really drying for the skin and so this one will really help to keep your skin hydrated – essential for a long-lasting natural tan.

Another great thing is the two-hour wash off time. Usually with spray tans you have to relax in baggy clothes, be careful what you touch and wash your sheets in the morning, as most tans need to develop over eight hours for maximum colour. With Moroccan Tan, you can shower after two hours leaving you with a gorgeous glow – pretty much a tan in your lunch hour!

The product comes in three shades – Moroccan Gold, Moroccan Bronze and Original depending on which type of glow you prefer.

But the big story about this tan? It’s distributed in the UK by professional beauty moguls Sweet Squared, the genius husband-and-wife team who brought nail saviour Shellac to our salons. They’re also providing spray tan training which (given their experience) I’m sure will be amazing.

It’s suitable for first time tanners or professionals who want to build on their existing skills and will help therapists to build their client base and perfect their tanning tips.

Find out more about Moroccan Tan here.

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