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Perfect Glasses
Do you know what I love about summer? EVERYTHING. BBQs, sunbathing, beer gardens, long walks, Pimms. Not to mention my wardrobe. I 100% prefer my summer wardrobe to my winter wardrobe – Aztec print vests, high waisted denim shorts and metallic sandals. Not to mention the sunglasses. Oh, ok, we are going to talk about the sunglasses. I recently got sent these fabulous, amazing, gorgeous Marc Jacobs sunglasses from

I was a little gutted that I got them just after my Portugal holiday but luckily for me, it’s been really sunny since I got back so I’ve had plenty of opportunity to wear them, culminating in a full day of sunbathing on Sunday. I much prefer spending a little bit extra on sunglasses to get designer ones as the quality is just so much better. The lenses protect your eyes more than cheaper low quality sunglasses and they last and last (unless you lose them like I have done with a pair of Guccis AND a pair of Chanels).

Marc Jacobs sunglasses
Perfect Glasses has a wide range of amazing designer glasses, so much so that I found it really difficult to choose the ones I wanted. They have lots of designer frames from the likes of Gucci, Dior, Jimmy Choo and Juicy Couture. There are also lots of different styles – you can find them to suit pretty much every face shape.

And not only that but they also do prescription sunglasses so if you’re a little short or long sighted (or A LOT short sighted like me) it’s the perfect place to get your sunglasses. Not only do they sell sunglasses but they also sell, um, glasses, so it’s really a one-stop shop for all your eyewear. Prices start from as little as £9 so there’s really no excuse not to treat yourself.

I used to be quite reluctant about ordering prescription glasses online but there are so many benefits to using Perfect Glasses – there’s super fast delivery (perfect if you’ve booked a last minute holiday!), a no quibble returns policy, and they guarantee that they offer the lowest price for glasses online so you won’t find the same frames cheaper anywhere else.

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  1. May 21, 2018

    […] a really wide range of other styles from brands like Fendi, Carrera and Calvin Klein. Remember my Marc Jacobs sunglasses from last year? They were from Perfect Glasses too! These Esprit sunglasses are also great quality […]

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