Make-up tips for glasses and contact lens wearers

tips for glasses wearers
Those of you who know me well will know that I’m a contact lens wearer, in fact I’m almost completely blind without them. I’ve been wearing them since the age of 14 but I’ve been really short sighted since I was about six so I’ve been wearing glasses since then. Along with swimming, one thing that can be tricky when you wear glasses or contact lenses is doing your make-up – get it wrong and you’ll look like Sue Pollard from Hi Di Hi. But it’s cool to wear glasses nowadays – gone are the days of “speccy-four-eyes” name calling, some people are even choosing to wear non-prescription lenses just for fashion. So here are my top make-up tips for glasses and contact lens wearers…

More is more and less is more

If you’re short sighted, like me, you’ll find that your glasses lenses make your eyes look smaller than they actually are, and no one wants that. Apply plenty of mascara, a shimmery eyeshadow or two and on-fleek eyeliner flicks. Use a lighter shadow close to the lashes and pop a dot of white eyeliner in the corners of your eyes.

On the other hand, if you’re long sighted, your eyes will look bigger than they are, which again, is not ideal. Line your eyes across the top and bottom and apply a couple of coats of mascara to the top lashes only – this will give your eyes perfect definition.

Whether you’re long or short sighted, it’ll be difficult to apply your make-up – I’ve spent many a morning with my nose pressed up against the mirror – so apply make-up lightly to start with. It’s easier to add more than take it off!

Leave your glasses off for a few seconds after applying make-up

Once you’ve applied your eye make-up, leave it to dry for at least 10 seconds (counting elephants between if you wish!) before putting your glasses back on. If you don’t do this and you have long lashes, you’ll find that you get mascara marks all over your lenses. Then you’ll have to suffer all day with the awkwardness of people debating whether to tell you or not, as you’ll not notice it yourself. Save yourself the blushes and just take your time. If your lashes are extra long and they’re uncomfortably hitting your lenses, curl the top ones upwards. This will also help to open your eyes.

Ditch the falsies

I don’t know about you but wearing false lashes makes my contact lenses super dry and I find myself blinking hard all night long to combat this and nothing ruin a night like a dry contact lens. Ditch your false lashes and instead apply a fibre mascara. Although this will struggle to add length, it will add thickness and volume, which is what you really want. Younique does one of my favourite fibre mascaras.

Pack your bags

I already have bags under my eyes and I find that glasses can cast extra shadows underneath them – definitely NOT what you need when you’re tired! An illuminating concealer applied underneath the eyes and in the inner corners can help to combat this. My favourite is Benefit Erase Paste – I have a mini pot which comes with me everywhere.

So those are my top tips, let me know if you’ve got any more in the comments!

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