London Butterflies Body Butter Souffle*

London Butterflies
London Butterflies is a new body care range which harnesses the scent of England. As a girl who ADORES London (don’t know if you’ve got that impression from reading my blog?!), the fact that this brand is so quintessentially English (it’s made in Britain) is a massive plus for me, and I always think it’s great to support homegrown products.

I was sent the Natural Body Butter Souffle to review. When it arrived I was first of all struck by its gorgeous packaging. The usual (and expected) body butter pot comes in a gorgeous baby blue cardboard box emblazoned with the one of the brand’s signature butterflies in a gorgeous violet cover. I think packaging says a lot about a product as it gives you a great first impression and this would make a lovely well-presented gift for a friend.

The body butter is super rich and luxurious and is perfect for the height of summer or the depth of winter when your skin needs a bit of extra nourishment. It’s actually perfect for me right now as I had plenty of sun last week in Ibiza and it’s really replenishing. It’s got a little something extra than a run-of-the-mill body moisturiser, when applying it you’re almost giving yourself a quick spa treatment – all in the comfort of your own home!

The one thing that I wasn’t overly keen on with the London Butterflies Body Butter Souffle was the scent. As it’s English apricot and honey “flavour”, I expected it to smell quite fresh and fruity but it’s more natural and creamy. Having said that, it’s not unpleasant or unbearable in the slightest as it’s only delicately scented. They also do the Body Butter Souffle in a “Fruit” version, which I might prefer.

All in all – a lovely luxurious body butter which is prefect for perking up dry skin that’s in need of a pick-me-up.

Find out more about London Butterflies here.

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