Karma Cola review*

Karma Cola
Having been on my fake Ibiza diet for a while now (and without losing any weight – HOW can that be?!), I have cut out fizzy drinks apart from their diet counterparts so I was super excited when I got sent some Karma Cola soft drinks. I HAD to drink them – it’s for my blog! But after reading a little more about the drinks, I found out that they’re actually not that bad for you.

Karma Cola soft drinks are made of organic, Fairtrade ingredients and good sugar which is lightly processed and not bleached white with sulphur like other sugars. Obviously, it still isn’t recommended that you gorge on fizzy drinks but these are great on occasion as a treat. And the drinks are good for your conscience as well as your waist line – Karma Cola has been named one of The World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute two years in a row thanks to its dedication to Fairtrade and organic produce.

I got sent three flavours – Karma Cola, Gingerella and Lemony – and the bottles are awesome. First of all, they’re glass bottles – everyone loves it when you go abroad or to a restaurant and you get pop in glass bottles, it’s such a novelty! And second of all, they have retro cartoons and designs printed on the bottles. My fave was Gingerella, a fierce firecracker that looks as if she came straight from Charlie’s Angels. Gingerella is spicy ginger ale which is made with ginger from the rainforests in Sri Lanka.

Each drink is intense and literally packed full of flavour. My very favourite was Lemony – a delicious real lemonade made with 31% lemon juice from organic Sicilian lemons.

It’s great to know where your drinks and their ingredients actually come from, as well as to rest assured that the people picking the ingredients are given a fair deal. Add to that the delicious taste of the drinks and the too cool for school packaging and you’ve got the perfect recipe for good karma.

Find out more about Karma Cola here.

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