Jools Drinks Review*

Jools Drinks

As part of my healthy eating and drinking (ahem – have you seen my Insta recently?!) I’ve been sent some of these Jools Drinks which combine anti-oxidant rich green teas with refreshing apple, cranberry or mango. Now, I am not usually a fan of health drinks – I’m a huge believer in if something’s good for you then it’s not going to taste very nice. I absolutely hate green tea as well so, although I was looking forward to trying the drinks, I was a little apprehensive.

I was sent a sample box from Jools Drinks with three different flavours in – Mango Green Tea with Acerola Pearls, Apple Green Tea with Lychee Pearls and Cranberry Green Tea with Acai Pearls. I’ve been taking them to work with me for a boost of vitamins and anti-oxidants each day and my favourite flavour is the mango one.

What makes the drinks so unique is that they contain pearls full of vitamins with special technology.

The Shell

The silky membrane of our pearls is made from edible kelp grown in the magnificent waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The Inner Core

Each pearl, created through spherification, is filled with a juice full of fabulous nutrients and vitamins.

The Jool

Why is this good? Well, key nutrients are protected and delivered unspoiled; you get to enjoy two flavour combinations in one drink and your healthy drinks just became a lot more fun.

Unfortunately this is also the bit about the drinks that I absolutely hate and a totally unwelcome addition to the flavour-full juices. The bottom of the bottle is full of these pearls and the texture of them is totally disgusting – they actually made me want to vom. If you’re a health nut and you’re used to taking vitamins, etc, this probably won’t phase you at all and the benefits of them probably outweigh the taste.

Find out more about Jools Drinks here.

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