Jamberry Nail Wraps review*

Jamberry wraps
When I need my nails doing, I always go to The Beauty Lounge in my home town of Matlock for Shellac. However, I can’t afford to get this done every two weeks and so I need something low maintenance to keep my nails looking pretty in between treatments. I was quite excited when I received some Jamberry wraps in the Summer Cottage design.

Jamberry is a network marketing company which means they have independent consultants all over the country who sell the wraps. Jamberry is the brainchild of sisters Lyndsey, Christy and Keri who were inspired by a slow and expensive visit to the salon.

Can you remember Minx? These nail wraps by CND were so fashionable at one point and I used to always get them on my toes. Jamberry nail wraps are similar to those but you can apply them at home, rather than having to visit a salon.

I’m really useless at doing my nails myself as I don’t have the patience or attention to detail that is sometimes needed – even to just paint them. I was actually surprised how easy these nail wraps were to apply. The only thing I found a little tricky was doing my right hand, especially the trimming of the wraps.

Jamberry nails

How to apply Jamberry nail wraps

1. Prep is everything! As with everything for your nails, the nail plate must be prepared properly in order for the wraps to adhere to it. Push back the cuticles and then use a Jamberry Nail Prep Wipe to clean the nails.
2. Match the nail to the wrap which is the best fit. This bit I found a little bit tricky as my nails are stupidly tiny. Some of the sizes I had to improvise with!
3. Cut the nail wrap in half.
4. Peel off the wrap and warm the adhesive with a blow dryer to 3-5 seconds until soft and flexible. You can also use a lamp but – let’s be honest – who has one at home?!
5. Press the wrap onto the nail and apply firm pressure around the edges to adhere the wrap to the nail.
6. Use a cuticle pusher to to seal the wrap around the base of the cuticle.
7. Trim the excess with nail scissors and then file off any remaining overlap with a downwards motion.
8. Apply heat and pressure to the wrap again until it is bonded to the nail.

This design is clearly Cath Kidston inspired and I absolutely love it, it’s so cute. The wraps come in hundreds of different designs to match any outfit or occasion – I love the metallic ones. My Jamberry nails have lasted pretty well to be, and I don’t look after my nails. Since I applied them, I have done a lot of washing up and deep cleaned one of my bathrooms with tonnes of bleach and no gloves – even though I know I should (nails are jewels, not tools)!

The wraps have just started peeling today and I applied them on Saturday morning (four days) so they’re not a super long term solution but are perfect for a weekend away or a special event and a lot better than normal nail polish which I can’t do without smudging straight away. Also, I’m really terrible at applying them so somebody who’s good at it may find that they last longer.

Find out more about Jamberry Nails here.

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