I’m back….

I have neglected my blog for so long as I have been enjoying the sunshine in Mallorca. As we seem to have been transported back to the olden days before modern technology was widely available, we have no wi-fi in our apartment and so have to rely on cafes and bars with wi-fi! And obviously, I don’t want to miss out on any prime sunbathing time by sitting inside!

I think now the time is right to draw attention to two of my favourite brands in Mallorca. The first are the most comfortable pumps of all time which come in a variety of different colours (one for every outfit of course) and cost the economical price of 10 Euros! I just found out that these are available on web order in the UK for £18.99.

And the other favourite? Well, surely you’ve heard of RayBan sunglasses? How about RayBerry? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Basically just a rip off of all the classics, the Wayfarer, the Aviator, again available in a range of colours for the usual RRP of about 3 Euros. And how to get your hands on these little beauties? Why, just ask your local Lucky Lucky Man of course. But be careful you check your change…

Also found out that Topshop.com and ASOS.com deliver to my address in Mallorca. Goodbye savings.

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    I really like your blog.

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