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Wedding Day

Most of my readers will know that I got married last year and it was truly the very best day of my life. It’s now coming up to wedding season yet again and while I’m enjoying my first year of marriage, lots of people will be looking forward to their big day. Here are some great tips to keeping your wedding day simple and, most importantly, enjoyable – although I have to admit, I didn’t always stick to these!

Keeping a wedding simple is an art form. Brides and grooms would have to agree on absolutely everything for a wedding to run completely smoothly from starting to plan to the end of the wedding day. There are so many factors to take into account: who to invite, where to have it, band or DJ, catered or not, the list is endless.

So with these issues in mind, how would you ever be able to keep it simple?

Here are some great tips that you can keep in mind when planning your day.

Keeping the guest list small

With a smaller guest list comes an obvious reduction of cost. Not only do you have less invitations to produce, you have less favours to make, a smaller, more manageable wedding meal and can therefore have a smaller venue.

Menus and Catering

There are always fussy people who don’t like what you have on your menu. Keep it as simple as possible and you shouldn’t have too many problems. There is a reason that the most popular wedding meal choices come down to chicken or beef, like for example this one. Include a vegetarian option and you should be good to go. After all, guests aren’t coming to your wedding to eat a fancy meal, they are coming to share your special day with you.

Choosing a Venue

Wedding Venue

If you choose a venue that caters, has space for a reception, offers table decorations, master of ceremonies, bar facilities and the like then all the better. Although it can cost more for somewhere like this, it doesn’t have to be extortionate. Plus as articles about venues will inform you, these places have staff with years of wedding experience, so can give you great advice, fantastic contacts and will organise a lot of the day for you.

Help and Advice

If you have adult bridesmaids/Maids of Honour/best men/groom’s men, give them jobs to do. That’s what they are there for. Give them a list of options to take on board and watch your to do list shrink dramatically. Have your parents dig in, they’ll no doubt want to help in any way they can.

Don’t try to impress

Although you want your day to be special, don’t go so fancy that you put yourself in debt. Remember that your wedding day does just last for a day but your marriage is forever so save some of your money for that.

With that in mind…


Some invitations are dressed up so elegantly; filled with lace, layered with tissue paper and hand written in fancy calligraphy. If that’s what you want, go for it. But let’s be realistic, how long is a person going to keep it once the wedding is over? Eventually it is going to end up in the bin, so why waste money or time and effort if you are making them yourself.


Wedding Decoration

Again, here you could spend a fortune. Go for some traditional flower arrangements, some centre pieces, perhaps some mood enhancing candles and you will be amazed how great a room can look.

Wedding Flowers


When it comes to the reception you have a lot of choices: band, DJ, iPod and dock, four piece string quartet. If you do go with a band, you’ve then got even more options: jazz, classical, blues, modern, tribute. Choose entertainment that plays the kind of music you like as well as something for the older/younger generation and you’ll also find that some bands set up all their own equipment, bring their own lighting and have a DJ for when they take a break between sets.


Make the best of you wedding by keeping it simple. Make it yours, but give yourselves as little to do as possible by having your wedding party help you out on and before the day. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is worrying about things that could go wrong so keep your guest list small and manageable, have your menu catered by professionals and choose a venue that can take a lot of the work off your hands and your day is likely to run smoothly.

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