How to have the best Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night
I adore Bonfire Night – I love watching the fireworks, writing my name with a sparkler and eating the delicious treats that are on offer. We always have a fireworks party at my parents’ house and it always proves to be one of the funniest and most enjoyable nights of the year. Here are my tips to making the most of Bonfire Night…

1. Surround yourself with friends and family

Bonfire Night is a lovely social occasion so, whether you’re heading out to an organised event with all the bells and whistles or just letting off some bangers at home, make sure you’ve got your nearest and dearest around you.

2. The Food

One of the best things about Bonfire Night, and indeed any other night of the year, is the food. Some suggestions for awesome Bonfire Night fayre – hotdogs with onions, huge pot of chilli with jacket potatoes and cheese on top, steak or chicken and mushroom pie with peas. Plus, bonfire toffee is so easy to make that even I couldn’t go wrong! Here’s a simple recipe if you want to make your own. And, of course, an event wouldn’t be an event without some prosecco!

3. The Fireworks

If you’re having a fireworks party at home then choosing the fireworks is the best bit – will you go for the 30 shot barrage or the pretty garden fireworks? To make it even more fun, we like to let everybody buy some fireworks and then decide who’s chosen the best one.

4. Always Be Prepared (or don’t be, it’s funnier)

When it comes to the night in question, you could have all the things that you’re going to need laid out ready for you so that nothing can go wrong. However, it’s lots more fun to watch someone (it’s my dad at our house) running around trying to find a torch or something to attach a Catherine wheel to.

Bonfire Night Safety

Always be safe on Bonfire Night. There’s nothing that will ruin the festivities more than an unexpected trip to A & E. Don’t carry fireworks in your pockets or go back to a firework once it has been lit. Also, pop your finished sparklers in a bucket and stand a good distance away from where the fireworks are let off – we like to stand near the conservatory door so we can rush back inside if one looks like it’s going wayward.

Also remember the safety of animals at Bonfire Night. If you’re having an actual bonfire at yours, make sure you check for nesting animals like hedgehogs before it’s lit and keep cats and dogs inside, well away from noisy fireworks.

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