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When it comes to booking a holiday, we can all be guilty of sticking with what we know. Or something that has been tried and tested many times before by other holidaymakers. Of course this is because, for some of us, we only get that one break away a year so it has to be perfect. I thought now would be a great time to share with you some alternative holiday destinations that you could consider. I hope they inspire you to try something different.


Greenland is mostly known because it is one of the least populated islands in the world. However, that doesn’t mean this place lacks charm and idyllic spots. You may wonder what to do in Greenland, but there is plenty to keep you occupied. You could be fortunate enough to take in the Northern Lights. As it’s part of the aurora zone, there is a big possibility of you witnessing them. However, there are also tours you could take part in. Greenland is unspoilt and will offer you plenty to see and do, even if you just end up walking around taking in the splendour.


Belgium is a small country in the heart of Europe. One place that should be worth a mention is a city called Bruges, distinguished by its network of canals. With medieval buildings nestled amongst cobbled streets, there is so much charm to this place. You could enjoy people watching from the cafes or get lost amongst the atmosphere when exploring this beautiful city. Alternatively, head to Brussels. With its small town charm, happening bars and heavenly restaurants there’s not much you can’t enjoy. Belgium has a lot to offer, but yet it isn’t a hugely popular holiday destination.


Croatia is an Eastern European country offering a long coastline making it a great alternative destination for a holiday away. With medieval towns inland and the beautiful coastal town of Dubrovnik, there is a lot to offer. Dubrovnik, in particular, has many sights worth seeing. For example, the 16th century walls that encircle the old town. This particular part of town is filled with gothic and renaissance buildings – perfect for any architecture admirer.


For those that are wanting a family holiday to remember, then look no further than Lapland, the home of Father Christmas himself. This is the perfect escape to take with young children (or older ones, like me!) just before Christmas. It’s a chance to soak up the magic that their imagination can create, making memories that will last a lifetime. Plus some of the structures created in ice like the Ice hotel or chapels are also worth a visit.

The Azores Islands

The Azores Islands are a little known paradise in the autonomous region of Portugal offering any holiday maker an escape with a difference. You could island hop or just soak in the atmosphere in the fishing villages. There are nine islands in total to discover. All are offering a unique experience. These islands are remote, volcanic and green which could put people off making the journey there. But they are the perfect place for hiking, whale watching and for people with a bit of adventure in them. Some of the views on offer are stunning.

I hope this helps you to consider somewhere else for your next holiday.

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