Heaven Skincare Cleanse & Foam Wash review*

Heaven Skincare
I’ve always fancied trying more of Heaven Skincare’s produucts – mainly because they are the world famous inventors of the bee venom mask, adored by celebrities everywhere. I have tried their Divine Cream moisturiser and the Ella Jane Celebrity Skin face wipes, both of which I loved and I’ve recently been sent their Cleanse & Foam Wash and have been using it over the past couple of weeks.

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin (hello, that’s me!) and is used morning and evening in your skincare routine. Simply massage into the skin and then remove with warm water, tissue or a face wipe. I’ve said before that I love a cleanser that foams up really nicely, and this one does that straight from the bottle. It looks inside the bottle as if it might be a gel cleanser, so imagine my surprise when I squeezed it into my hand to reveal a lovely little blob of foam. The only thing is, is that the foam doesn’t keep foam-y for very long. I like to massage cleanser into my face for 30 seconds (I count this because I have OCD when using beauty products!) and it begins to fade off towards the end of that – however, I may (may) be being excessive with that(!).

The product has a lovely scent to it, thanks to its organic ingredients of mandarin, tea tree and carrot oil, combining to give a fresh, slightly fruity but not overbearing, smell. It is suitable for all ages but has great anti-ageing properties which I’ve become so much more concerned about as I’m nearing 30 and have significant frown lines both between and above my eyebrows. The Cleanse & Foam Wash improves skin elasticity and promotes collagen within the skin.

After just a few uses, the Heaven Skincare Cleanse & Foam wash helped with my skin’s pigmentation, giving me an overall glow, and my skin does feel a little plumper (although maybe that’s all the pizza I’ve eaten this weekend…). On the whole, a great face wash for anti-ageing.

Find out more about the Heaven Skincare Cleanse & Foam Wash here.

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