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Glowing skin
The skin helps to prevent water, dirt and microbes, as well as other particles from getting into the body. It lets you sweat excess heat and shivers if cold in order to help the blood move more quickly, thus regulating your body temperature. It is also a window into the health of your body. What you drink and eat, your digestion, the ability of your liver to detox, your sleep patterns and stress levels — all of these reflect themselves via your skin. Everyone dreams of having clear glowing skin. No one likes zits, pimples, dark spots, dark circles or baggy eyes. There are various skin types and various problems related to them. Some people luckily have normal skin but some have to face the troubles of both oily skin and dry skin. So, to get glowing skin, it is vital to take care of it daily. Your skin will look shiny and flawless, even as you age. Here are some tips which can help you attain clear, glowing skin.

1. Use vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most vital vitamins for flawless and healthy skin. Vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid, helps to enhance complexion and prevent the appearance of skin aging. Collagen production is improved and skin brightness is enhanced by consuming vitamin C regularly. It also helps to keep away pigmentation and age spots and enhances the ability of the skin to protect itself from UV rays. Some foods are rich in vitamin C, such as blackcurrants, guava, broccoli, grapes, strawberries, kiwi fruit, Indian goose berrie or amla, lemon, sweet potatoes and papaya. Alternatively, you can take it in the form of capsules and supplements.

2. Nutritious, fibre-rich diet

Your diet also plays a vital part to get glowing skin.  Skin impurities are also caused by digestive problems, so diet is really important for healthy and beautiful skin. Taking in the proper amount of vitamins and micro-nutrients is great for clear glowing skin. Natural protein foods, which help you get glowing skin include fish, white meat, nuts, grains such as buckwheat, quinoa and brown rice, and vegetables such as broccoli, beets and tomato. These foods are great for the skin. It is recommended avoid man-made and processed food. You should also consume foods high in omega3 fatty acids including salmon, walnuts, and soybeans because they’re great to reduce inflammation. In addition, eating more vegetables and fruits will leave you with clear, spotless skin.

3. Drink plenty of water

We know that drinking water and juices has many health benefits and one of them is that it helps the skin to purify the impurities. Water aids in cleansing the body and flushing out the toxins and waste as well. It also hydrates the body and fades away dirt and excess oils. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day gives your skin a bright, remarkable change in less than one week. Moreover, drinking plenty of water rids your skin from wrinkles and dryness. It boosts the immune system, too.

4. Skin hydration

It is important to hydrate the body from outside and inside. You should cleanse your face no more than twice every day, as over-washing can result in dryness. You should use natural oils to nourish the skin and provide flawless skin care and beauty. After washing it, you need to use cold water to cleanse the face because the pores will be opened by using warm water, which let bacteria and dirt enter into them. Using cold water helps to close the opened pores, which lets dirt into them. Use circular movements while washing your face and don’t scrub since this could result in skin irritation. For dry and oily skin, use a homemade face mask three to four times a week.

5. Stay away from the sun

As we know, the sun is a rich source of vitamin D which is good for your skin with the morning sun from 7-9 am. However after this time, avoiding the sun is essential because the UV rays are quite strong. They damage the skin texture and overexposure to the UV rays can even cause skin cancer. Avoid the sun from 10am to 2pm. If you must go out, remember to cover up sensitive areas. Whenoutdoors, apply sunscreen with a high SPF. Using natural remedies are also the best way to remove skin tan and sunburn.

6. Exfoliate

Generally speaking, most of us focus on cleansing and toning, as well as moisturising, and completely neglect exfoliation. However, to get glowing skin, remember to exfoliate the skin, as this helps to remove dead skin cells. You can remove dust, dead cells, blackheads and impurities from your skin and make it flawless and smooth by using periodic exfoliation with natural ingredients such as Bengal gram flour, oats, lentil powder or orange peel.  It helps to clean the hair follicles and clogged pores, thus preventing the breakout of acne. It also reduces dullness of skin and the appearance of large pores, which in turn helps to improve skin texture. With regular exfoliation, it is easy for the skin to absorb serums and moisturisers that are applied topically.

7. Use a toner

Toners help to restore the pH balance of the skin. Toners are also a vital part of skin care since they give deep pore cleansing, decrease the pore size and make the skin flawless and smooth while helping to dry out oily T-zone. Healthy skin toners also give skin-repairing substances such as fatty acids, antioxidants, glycerin and ceramides to the skin and offer it with a smoother, fresher and younger appearance. In addition, daily use of a toner helps to solve the problem of acne. Moreover, toners bind moisture to your skin and inhibit skin dryness too, thanks to the presence of humectant properties in them.

8. Relieve stress

Enough rest is also a good tip for beautiful and glowing skin. Sleep is the top secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting glowing and flawless skin naturally. Excessive oil production is caused by stress, which will result in whiteheads. A short sleep and a warm bath help to reduce stress and fade away acne. It is advised to sleep at least seven to eight hours per day because this is needed for glowing skin and an active mind as well. Occasional visits to the swimming pool and spa will also relax your muscles. You can also alleviate stress with Tai Chi techniques and relaxing yoga or you can read books or listen to relaxing music to help to relieve stress.

9. Remove make-up before bedtime

Nowadays, make-up is pretty much essential. It helps to promote attractiveness and radiance of skin and provides an appealing and gorgeous look during events or parties. However, makeup products are often full of harsh chemicals, which harm the skin and attract dirt and clog the skin pores causing acne and pimples. It also promotes the yeast growth on the skin. So, to prevent bumpy cysts and rashes, you should use a mild cleansing milk to get rid of makeup thoroughly from lips, skin, and eyes, followed by one refreshing face wash.

10. Physical activity

Physical activities are essential to staying fit and losing weight and to get flawless skin naturally as well. Indoor aerobic exercises help to increase blood as well as oxygen flow to the cells of the skin that help to neutralise the harmful effects of oxidative stress and free radicals and take waste products out of the cells. It also helps to take cellular debris out of the system. Thirty minutes at the gym or a short walk have added benefits not only for the body but for the skin as well. You can try some physical activities such as dancing, skipping, cycling, walking, and running. Thirty minutes spent on exercise daily will help to remove the toxins. Exercise also will help to eliminate stress in the body.

11. Detoxification

Excessive accumulation of waste products and toxins in the body often causes dullness of the skin, acne and pimples. So, with the help of detoxification, these water products will be removed. Drink one glass of warm lemon water each morning to detox the body. You can also follow natural detoxification programmes like the 30 day vegetable and fruit detox diet plan. These programmes stimulate the body to cleanse and purge itself. They also promote the functions of the kidney, liver and colon. In addition, they help to maintain the body’s pH at a healthy alkaline state. Basically, a detox diet should contain vegetable and fruit juices that are full of skin-saving nutrients.  Avoid sugar, salty snacks and alcohol for at least five days to prevent water retention and give your skin a healthy break.

You are sure to get glowing flawless skin by adding these tips and tricks to your lifestyle. Be healthy and care for yourself!

Guest Post by Hang Pham

Author Bio:

This guest post is by Hang Pham, a blogger with over 10 years of experience on searching for the most effective home remedies for beauty and health issues.

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