Guest post: How to keep yourself motivated

Most bloggers, regardless of whether they’re full-time or part-time, lose a little motivation once in a while. It’s human nature to become stuck in a rut, feel under the weather or to just not have the same amount of motivation as you once did a couple weeks ago. It’s normal to experience it and no one is judging. But, it’s understandable that it’s a disheartening feeling.

Three months ago I (Kayleigh) found myself in a rut with my blog after two years of blogging, which actually lasted around two months. Why? At first, I seriously couldn’t pin-point the problem which panicked me slightly into thinking that was the end of the road for my blog. Albeit, I got a plan of action together and found a few pointers, which after two months got me right back on my feet again! So here are my tips to motivating yourself as a blogger:

Assess your blog

You don’t have to be overly critical here, but the main issue I had a couple months back was that I just didn’t like my blog. I was bored of the design, my header was bland and I just needed a space that looked more visual and professional. So that was my starting point! I searched the internet for blog designs and ended up falling in love with the one I now have. Like, quite literally head over heels. And I couldn’t be happier with having a complete blog re-design!


Due to falling in a rut, I stopped interacting with my followers which just wasn’t me! So in order to get my feet firmly on the ground once again, I started replying to every blog comment I had either ignored or had missed completely. This was a great step for me as it actually encouraged me to just be active on social media alone, which soon brought the blogging mojo back once I started talking to other bloggers again.

Read blogs; not just your favourite ones

Another way of getting motivated is by reading other blogs and being inspired by them. I have a small selection of blogs I check-in with on the weekly, but I love discovering new ones and getting inspiration from their photography, content and overall blog-ethic, if you will! This step is great as well if you’re not necessarily un-motivated, but are perhaps stuck for content ideas or ways to develop your blog.

Develop a blogging routine

I don’t necessarily mean setting aside a couple hours on specific days, but instead getting a routine together like it’s a skincare regime – bear with me here. Your skincare routine involves a couple things that you follow in a certain step to make it work for you. So do the same for your blogging routine. Here’s mine for example: get dressed in to comfy clothing, make a hot cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee (if it’s early on in the day) and you know what, if it’s the evening, poor yourself a glass of wine! Then, I get a nice snack of a couple biscuits or a nice cake and then I sit either at my desk or on my bed with music on and blog away. Making myself feel relaxed is the perfect way to then be able to sit and be productive.

Set yourself goals

Once I started feeling somewhat better about my motivation levels, I’ve used my clear headspace to set myself some blogging goals. These don’t have to be major. Perhaps it’s a new milestone for your social following or page views for a certain month or by the end of the year? Maybe now’s the time you’re pushing yourself to attend your first event, or more. Or perhaps you’re even thinking there’s a business model somewhere within your blog that you want to work towards?

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Kayleigh blogs over at Scampi n Chips.

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  1. Inyene says:

    Wow!! I love everything that you mentioned in this post. Thanks for sharing your tricks

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