Five Ways to Your Wedding Body

With just six weeks to go until the wedding, it’s really time to start thinking about slimming down for the big day. And there’s not just the big day to think about. Yes, there are the photos that friends and relatives will cherish for years to come, not to mention all eyes on your throughout the ceremony and the rest of the wedding day BUT there is also the honeymoon to think about. You definitely want to look your best on the beach and not more like a beached whale.

In fact, six weeks is probably a little bit late to be thinking about this. Maybe a year ago would have been preferable but better late than never!

So here are my five rules to getting that wedding body. Now, I’m not saying I do all (or even some) of these, but this is what you probably should do. If you want to.

1. Get FitBit
This handy little app measures the amount of calories you need to consume each day to meet your goal weight as well as taking into account the exercise you do each day and balancing these off against each other. However, it only works if you’re completely honest about what you’ve eaten each day…

2. Eat Healthy
Obviously it goes without saying that if you eat healthier, you’ll be skinnier. But putting this into practise is a little harder. If you’re a little bit OCD like me, you’ll love setting rules for yourself. I find it difficult to eat healthy at home as I’m really busy at work during the day and the last thing I want to do when I get home is cook a nutritious meal, plus my partner’s terribly fussy and only likes unhealthy things. However, I set rules for work and if I go out for dinner.
– Limit your meat to chicken and always go for the fish option if possible.
– If you can bear it, then choose something that’s marked “under 500 calories” or is a salad (I find this one especially hard to stick to if I’m in a delicious restaurant and I’m hungry!).
– At work, eat fruit or fruity cereal bars for breakfast.
– Have another piece of fruit or a low fat yoghurt for your lunchtime pudding.
– Eat “Healthy Eating” meals at work or salads.

3. Refuse Office Snacks
A difficult one and a rule which I have already violated this morning. Sitting down all day and snacking must be really bad for you so try to resist cakes, biscuits, chocolates, sweets and crisps. Today we’ve had a charity bake sale and so (because it’s for charity and so you have to support it) I treated myself to a lemon drizzle muffin, I think this is one of my five a day anyway.

4. Step Up Your Exercise Routine/Create One if You Don’t Have One
Hmmm. This one is a difficult one for me. I think in the last year I’ve been swimming three times, been on three runs and done two long walks. I just do not like exercise. But, over this next few weeks I will be doing 20 squats and sit ups per night (for my abs and glutes) and I’ve decided to try YouTube yoga videos on Saturday (that’s if I get time).

5. Take Vitamins
I’ve been taking Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins from about a year to go and therefore my hair, skin and (wait for it) nails look the bomb. So I’m keeping this up. I’ve also bought Tan Tablets from Holland and Barrett to optimise my melanin production prior to the honeymoon. Basically, I want to be super tanned.

So they’re my tips! Comment below with yours (try not to make them dull, boring and serious).

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