My dream Italian dinner party

Italy has always been on my travel bucket list and I was lucky enough to visit Rome at the beginning of this year where I immediately fell in love with the country – like I always knew I would! Italy would be the perfect place for a dream dinner party (two of my favourite things – travel and food!) so here’s how I’d host my ideal Italian soiree…

Italian villa

The perfect villa

I read an article about Puglia last year and I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard of it before. Ever since then I’ve really wanted to visit the area. Puglia is the heel of Italy’s boot and is relatively unspoilt and authentic – full of wild beaches, baroque buildings and stunning views over the Adriatic Sea. Basically heaven on earth.

villa pool
When I go away I love staying in a villa (just got back from our villa holiday in Portugal with my fam last week!) – it’s relaxed and private and you don’t need to reserve your sunbeds at stupid o’clock in the morning…well, unless your family is really keen! This Clickstay villa looks absolutely incredible and would be the perfect venue for my dinner party.

Light up pool
I love the outside space which is ideal for soaking up the last drops of the evening sun and the gorgeous pool lights up at night time – perfect for a post-dinner swim! There is plenty of parking at the Fori Tlu Cuccu villa and once we’ve finished eating on the outside terrace, we could head inside and relax on the white sofas with a few more drinks. There’s also three bedrooms and four bathrooms so there’s plenty of space for people to stay over after a couple of vinos. It’s also super private as it’s walled all the way round so you can do whatever you want in the grounds (within reason!).

outside terrace

The perfect guest list

Obviously right at the top of my guest list would be my family – my mum, dad, brother and boyfriend. There is no one I’d rather eat dinner with! I’d also invite all my best friends (wait…how big is this guest list? We may have to get in outside caterers!) and their other halves. I’d definitely rather have a dinner party with people I know and feel comfortable around than a swanky celeb guest list BUT if I had to invite five celebs (dead or alive!) it would have to be: Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O and David and Victoria Beckham. Or just five people from TOWIE/Made in Chelsea.

living room

The perfect feast

When in Rome…ok, so it would have to be a delicious Italian feast of course. I’d serve up prosciutto, mozzarella, sunblush tomatoes and olives for starters on a big sharer board so everyone could dig in. The main course would be a HUGE carb-fest (well, no-one diets on holiday, do they?!) as I can’t pick my very favourite Italian dish. A huge lasagne, a couple of thin based pizzas covered in mushrooms and more prosciutto for good measure, stuffed pasta in a tasty tomato sauce and gnocchi. YUM – I’m making myself hungry! I’d also serve it with lots of garlic bread – although, apparently this isn’t actually Italian! But I’m not letting that stop me. What else for pudding but tiramisu?!

And for the drinks – well, prosecco of course! Italians do this delicious sparkling wine best.

villa bedroom
What would your ideal dinner party involve? Let me know in the comments below!

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