Don’t let travelling stop you getting into the Christmas spirit*

Christmas travel

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For many of us, Christmas is the most magical time of year. It’s a chance to spend quality time with our loved ones and show them just how much we care. But if you’re travelling and can’t come home for Christmas, it can be difficult to get into the festive spirit. Perhaps the country you are in doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Being in hot climates when you’re used to cold winters can also prevent you from getting into a celebratory mood. However, just because you can’t be at home for the holidays, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate them. Here are some fun ideas you can use to help you get festive in the run up to Christmas.

Share what you love about Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, we all have different things that we love the most. For instance, you might love the decorations, the music or the food. So why not share this love of the festive season with your new friends in your current host country. You can find Christmas playlists on Spotify or buy CDs online which you can dance and sing along to. If your family has a favourite Christmas meal recipe, get a copy and make it for your housemates. You can also make decorations, watch festive movies and give gifts. Your new friends will enjoy having an insight into how you celebrate and you’ll be filled with festive cheer.

Christmas present

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Buy gifts for your loved ones

Present buying is one of the most exciting parts of the Christmas holidays as it makes us think of others rather than ourselves. Just because you might not be in the same country, doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your loved ones. The festive period doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on gifts for your loved ones. It’s the thought that counts. Why not look into buying something like Christmas gift baskets filled with cheerful bows, gourmet holiday flavors and high-quality ingredients are the foundation of our holiday collection.

Online shopping has made it convenient to buy gifts online and send them to countless destinations around the world. Some online retailers such as Amazon even provide a gift wrapping service for added festive charm. Check how long international postage and courier services like Shiply take to deliver items over the holidays. This will ensure that the gifts you buy and send arrive on time. You’ll love being able to treat your family and friends even though you might not see them on Christmas day.

Invite your family to visit

Your family will be missing you just as much as you miss them during the holidays. So, rather than spending it apart, why not invited them to visit you? They can come and see where you live and you can enjoy Christmas together. You may even be able to get involved in the celebrations held by the locals. This can be a unique experience that makes this time with your family even more unforgettable. As Christmas is a busy travel period, you need to start looking for flights and accommodation as soon as possible. Use Skyscanner and other comparison sites to get your family’s tickets booked pronto.

With these ideas to help you, you can be filled with Christmas spirit no matter where you are in the world. Even though you might not be able to make it home, nothing is stopping you from getting involved in the festivities.

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