DHC Olive Body Butter*

Let me just start by saying this is my 80th post! Woop! Now – onto the good stuff…
Now I don’t know about you but the winter months really play havoc with my skin. All that rushing around in the cold visiting Christmas markets and light switch ons before coming in to the warm, not to mention the heaters in the office and the ones in the car, your skin doesn’t really stand a chance.
Yes, dry skin is a common problem at this time and that’s why a really good moisturiser should be your very best friend and, if you’ve not got one, you should be writing to Santa for one right about now.
I’ve been using the new DHC Olive Body Butter over the last couple of weeks and I  find it’s totally amazing for my dried out skin. This little beaut is from a Japanese skin care company which combines natural ingredients with cutting edge science to bring you the very best for your skin. It’s got an amazing consistency which is really just like real butter – seems quite solid in its pot but when you smooth it onto your skin it simply melts in providing you with total nourishment.
It also smells delicious, super floral and fresh it would go really well with your daytime perfume if you’re into those kinds of scents. I definitely am – my perfume at the moment is Marc Jacobs’ Daisy and I just can’t get enough of the wonderful stuff.
My white, dehydrated elbows and knees are a thing of the past and ready to face the outside world – bring on summer!
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  1. March 14, 2017

    […] actually tried the DHC Olive Body Butter before (read my review here) and loved it, and so I was keen to try the Olive Corn Body Scrub & Polish when I was sent the […]

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