DHC Beauty Lift Essence Review*

DHC Beauty Lift
I’ve tried lots of DHC products before (see my reviews of Resveratrol, Revitalising Moisture Strips and Olive Body Butter) and I’m always pretty impressed with them – they’re great quality and always really agree with my skin so I was really pleased when I was sent DHC’s Essence from their new Beauty Lift range. The DHC Beauty Lift Essence works to hydrate your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and give skin a smoother, lifted appearance.

The cult Japanese brand has created the Beauty Lift range of skincare products to hydrate, smooth and give skin an instant lift – something I’m keen to do now that I’m hurtling at a rate of knots straight towards my thirties. I often find that anti-ageing skincare range are a little too rich for my skin as it is really oily but this one has a special lightweight formula which feels like you’ve hardly put anything on.

The Beauty Lift Essence is a key part of the range and is applied underneath your moisturiser. It is silky-soft and effortlessly smooths on over your skin. I’ve only had the product a few days but it must last for ages as you only need a tiny bit to cover your entire face and it is a pump action which means it’s really easy to limit the amount of product you use. It also provides a lovely smooth base for your moisturiser and make-up.

Other products in the range include Lotion, Milk and Cream – everything you need to give your skin the lift it needs.

And the best bit? It actually works! In a clinical study in the USA, 100% of participants using the DHC Beauty Lift products experienced smoother skin in just seven days. I even feel like it’s already made a difference to my skin – making it plumper and giving it a distinct glow.

Find out more about the Beauty Lift range from DHC Skincare here.

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