Cucumber water – health benefits and recipes

Cucumber Water
Today’s guest post comes from Freya Lowe. Freya is a blogger and adventure seeker who also writes for Land of Deals which is an official blog of Dealslands UK. In this post she discusses the health benefits and also presents some exciting recipes for cucumber water.

Have you heard of cucumber water? Do you know about its health benefits? No? Then, let me tell you that it will be better to gulp some cucumber water next time you feel thirsty compared to normal water, as it comes with a number of health benefits. So, here in this post, let’s see some health benefits of cucumber water and explore some exciting recipes too.


1. Hydrates your body

It is necessary to keep your body hydrated to maintain your body temperature, flush out the toxins and improve cardiovascular health. Cucumber water helps to keep your body hydrated. It helps your organs to function well and even increases your urge to drink more water.

2. Gets vitamins and minerals

Normal water is important for our body but it does not contain essential vitamins. By adding cucumber to it, you will get those vitamins and minerals too. Some people add fruits along with cucumber which helps to get vitamins A and C, which your body needs. As they come from natural sources, your body will easily absorb these vitamins.

3. Controls blood pressure

Cucumber contains 4% DV of potassium which will help to check your blood pressure apart from keeping your body hydrated. Thus, it will keep diseases like heart attacks, strokes, vision loss or kidney disease at bay.

4. Lessens appetite

Drinking cucumber water will help to curb your hunger to a limit. So, if it is not a mealtime and you are feeling hungry, drink some cucumber water as it will help you to feel yourself filled for sometime. Therefore, it will stop you from gaining weight and will maintain the eating cycle.

5. Keep your skin supple

Drinking a good amount of water will soothe your skin and keep it supple. If you add cucumber to it, you will get some nutrients too. Cucumber contains silica which is good for skin. You can even use the cucumber pieces and rub them on the skin where you have irritation due to acne or blemishes. So cucumber water is really an important element for skin care.

6. Makes muscles strong

The silica which helps the skin helps the muscles too. It helps to keep the muscles strong. So if you are including cucumber water along with your fitness regime, you will be able to see good results.

7. Acts as an antioxidant

Cucumber water contains antioxidants that will help to fight free radicals and flush out toxins. Drinking cucumber water regularly means you will be able to keep your body clean and toxin free. This will make you feel more active too.

Cucumber water recipes:

Cucumber lemon mint water

8 cups of water
1 Sliced lemon
1 cucumber sliced
Handful of fresh mint

Take all the ingredients in a pitcher and let it chill for a few hours hours. You can then serve with ice.

Cucumber herb water

1/2 cucumber
1 lemon
2 sprigs of rosemary
Handful of thyme
Handful of mint

Thinly slice the cucumber and lemon. Now take all the ingredients in the pitcher and chill it for an hour.

Springtime strawberry cucumber water

1 lemon, thinly sliced
1 cucumber, thinly sliced
4 strawberries, medium sized
3 sprigs of herbs

Take all the ingredients in a pitcher. Keep it in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours. You must drink it within 48 hours.

Cucumber basil water

1 small cucumber, thinly sliced
Handful of basil

Take all the ingredients in the pitcher and chill it for some hours.

Refreshing fruit water

Sliced strawberries
Sliced cucumber
Some lemon slices
Mint leaves
Ice cubes

Take a pitcher, now layer the berries and then the cucumber and ice in the pitcher. Add water to it. You can even keep some berries separately to add them to individual glasses.

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