Creative ways to redecorate your bedroom*

A new year often means a new you! Well at least for January and February. Do you have a small bedroom and want to jazz it up in 2017 but Christmas has left you skint? Not to worry it can be done cheaply and creatively. Also if you are stuck on ideas why not get some from Pinterest or furniture in fashion’s bedroom ideas.

Now is the perfect time to redecorate as most of the shops have sales on and you can pick up discounted pieces.

Read on below for some budget friendly tips for redecorating your bedroom.

Make room

First thing’s first: get rid of any unwanted junk that’s taking up space and collecting dust. If it’s collecting dust, then you probably do not need it so sell it online and make some extra cash to put in your redecorating fund. Websites like eBay and Gumtree are a perfectly easy way to do this. You could also consider buying furniture that could have more than one purpose. For example, a tablet holder from iBeanie can be used to hold your tablet, as well as your head if you need a quick sleep!


Have you heard of this trend? For those of you haven’t, upcycling is basically taking old discarded items and using them to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. So, in short, re-purposing old items.

One example of upcycling is taking old shutters, painting them and then using them as a headboard behind your bed. Cheap, creative and effective.

Another idea is to paint mason jars and put tea lights in them to light up the room in a colourful way.

Second-hand furniture

Old school antique furniture is very in right now and there is nothing prettier than an antique mirror or dresser. While many people shop online for luxury antique furniture at places like Antiques World, there are alternatative ways of picking up antique furniture, even if they’re not as reliable. You could get yourself on eBay and get browsing and bidding. Buy them cheaply and get them delivered equally cheap by using a website called Shiply. Secondhand furniture can be bought for very low prices and sometimes even for free! If you’re in the market for some new secondhand furniture to spruce up your house, buy at shoppok.

On the walls

Decorating the walls is something you can do with very little effort or money. Invest in some different coloured paints, just remember to keep it light. If you are not a fan of painting, you can buy decorative wall stickers or stencils or you can print out cute shapes and pictures from the internet and put them in painted frames.

Think of the walls as your blank canvas now all you need to do is make your masterpiece.


The paint doesn’t have to be restricted to the walls. Have you a wooden floor? Have you considered painting it and warming the room up?

Are there tiles on your floor? You can stick stickers on here too!

Just remember comfort and consistency are key! Have fun and be creative.

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