Chin Up Face Mask Competition*

Chin Up Face Mask
I’m always desperately trying to lose inches…from everywhere! So when I was offered the chance to try the Chin Up Firming and Contouring Mask, I jumped at the chance. It’s made especially to get rid of your double chin, something that plagues me in photographs.

The Chin Up face mask contains vitamin E for maintaining healthy skin, corum 9235 for lifting and contouring, and Q10 coenzyme for cell activation and antioxidant. There’s also real fruit extract. In short, the Chin Up face mask bills itself as a non-surgical face lift – for contouring, slimming and anti-ageing, this could be the perfect face mask.

It all looks quite technical at first (I must admit it did take me a while to figure it out!) – the mask is covered in the product and smells positively delicious! It is applied over the chin and neck area. Then there’s a strap which is secured over the top of the mask and fastened on top of your head. To be fair, this is not a mask you want to be wearing when your hubby or any small children are around, as you do look a little strange.

Wearing the mask

You leave the Chin Up face mask on for 30-40 minutes before removing and moisturising the essence into your skin. For best results you should use the mask every other day.

Before the face mask


The mask is really tingly when you put it on, which isn’t altogether unpleasant. It’s a little uncomfortable to sit with the strap on for a whole half an hour as you can’t really speak properly – something which was truly terrible for me! Afterwards, I felt a little firmer plus my skin felt super soft. I’ve only used the mask once so far but I’m pleased and impressed with the results.

After the face mask


Chin Up Face Mask Competition

And you can win a mask for yourself! Just follow the instructions below to get your entries in!

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Find out more about Chin Up face masks here.

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  1. Jessica Powell says:

    Could definitely do with this to help my chin out!

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