Chilli slow cooker recipe

For Christmas I was well and truly spoilt by my family and, of course, Santa. I had lots of gorgeous presents but there was one in particular that I never thought I would be so excited about – a slow cooker. Given to us by Mr P’s aunt and uncle, it elicited a squeal of delight from us both which really made me realise that I had grown up beyond all recognition. I used to scoff when my mum asked for a hoover or a microwave for Christmas but now there’s nothing better than getting household equipment.

I think I may have mentioned before that I’m not the world’s best cook (understatement of the century) and so anything that will make my cooking life easier and save me time is well and truly welcome in my house.

I christened the slow cooker on Saturday, while Mr P was at work, cooking a delicious chill and here is how I made it. Again, rhis is a super easy recipe for girls just like me who aren’t the best cooks!


(I always think it’s silly when recipes like this list quantities – it really depends on how much you want to make! I made extra so that I could freeze some for eating at a later date.)
Red onions
Can of chopped tomatoes
Salt and pepper
Can of red kidney beans in chilli sauce


1. Fry the onions and garlic in a frying pan.
2. Add the mince and season with a couple of teaspoons of paprika before browning.
3. Add the mushrooms, peppers, chopped tomatoes and kidney beans and cook on a low heat for a couple of minutes.
4. Add salt, pepper and more paprika (if it needs it!) to taste.
5. Pour the chilli into the slow cooker, cover and cook on hot for six to eight hours – and you’re done!

Serve with spicy rice, garlic bread, sour cream and tortilla chips for a real Mexican feast!

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8 Responses

  1. En4tainment says:

    oh yummy that looks so good, I am thinking of getting a slow cooker so this would be good for that. x

  2. Lynette Hammond says:

    My boyfriend will love this recipe, will give it a go 🙂

  3. AlyssiaRose says:

    OMG That Chilli looks seriously scrummy… I like having chilli hot dogs, with cheese on top, but considering I’m now on a diet, I can’t have that anymore!!

  4. Coco Butter says:

    Oh my goodness, I adore hotdogs with chilli and cheese! I too, am on a diet for the New Year though so they’ll have to be put in reserve for a special treat! I heard that the spicier the chilli, the better for you so I put plenty of spice in! xx

  5. Inês de Castro says:

    I’ve just found your blog and I think it’s really inspiring, it will be an honor for me if you can visit mine too, and if you want to follow, it will be a pleasure to follow you back! 🙂 <3

  6. GlutenFreeHappyTummy says:

    wow this looks marvelous!

  7. lisa prince says:

    i love using my slow cooker and rarely use it for anyhitg more than broth and stews so thank you for this as i also am a huge fan of chilli and owuld love this

  8. Coco Butter says:

    I’m definitely going to get round to making some more stews and casseroles in there – it’s perfect to leave things in when you’re out at work all day!xx

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