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Hand luggage hacks

Hand luggage packing hacks*

We’re visiting Spain in September with Interhome and we’ve decided that we’re just going to take hand luggage. For a week’s holiday. Yes, it will be a struggle but I’m actually pretty good at...

Girl wearing contact lenses while travelling

Travelling with contacts made easy*

Dry, red, and irritated eyes can make travelling with contacts a complete nightmare. However, there’s an easier way to travel – all it requires is a little know-how and preparation. Taking care of your...

Turn your car into a camper

How to turn your car into a camper*

There’s a reason why so many films are about road trips. They just scream adventure and the excitement of the unknown. On road trips, scenery looks better, songs sound greater and kisses are sweeter....

The anxiety of travelling

The anxiety of travelling

I absolutely adore travelling but there’s a lot more to it than just enjoying yourself on a beach. When this post is published I will be spending three weeks in Australia – the biggest...

Destination spa

How to choose a destination spa

For many people, the stress of daily life can become too much and so the temptation to get away from it all becomes great. A spa day from somewhere like Massage Sway – Spa...

Tips for eco travel

Top 5 tips for eco travel*

Over the past couple of months, I have become more concerned about the environment and I want to be as eco-friendly as possible to help protect the world for future generations. With the increase...