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I have worked in the professional beauty industry for a decade now, and although I am not personally a beauty therapist, I have worked with many. Across the years I have heard many gripes from therapists about their clients, but let’s face it, there’s plenty that they don’t get right either. That’s why I thought I would put together my list of beauty salon bugbears from the point of view of us mere mortals. Not every salon suffers from all of these bugbears and going to a beauty salon like love + roots ( can be a relaxing experience which seems to give you a new lease of life, there are always those few things that cause a bit of stress. With this being said, just because I had had some encounters with some beauticians, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find one that you can rely on. It might be in your best interest to look here, if you want to browse through an array of talented therapists, ranging from hair to beauty. There’s no better feeling than finding the right person for the job.

What is your current skincare routine?

Ummm…It’s the question most of us dread. You know that telling a beauty therapist that the best your skin comes into contact with is soap, water and sandpaper will induce a long lecture about what you should be doing. We all know what we should be doing, but after a long night partying or working all you can be bothered to do is flop into bed, complete with a full face of make-up.

Can you just fill in this form before we start the treatment please?

It’s your first visit and they hand you a clipboard and pencil. You expect to write down a couple of contact details so that they can spam you forevermore and discover they actually want a version of War and Peace. Not only do they want your skin type and the products you currently use they also want your full medical history, mother’s maiden name and the background of next-door’s cat’s grandmother.

Do you want gel, acrylics, gel polish or quick-drying cement?

You’re the expert, you tell me! With so much choice available when it comes to what to put on your nails, you need a degree just to understand the difference. I just wanted red ones!

How far shall I go?

Yes, you’ve braved it and booked a bikini wax. It all seemed fine until you find yourself lying on a couch feeling somewhat exposed, and a therapist is adjusting your knickers. You now have to decide how much you dare to get something like a bikini extended wax done. I mean, you’ve come this far, so why not go for it? Here’s a hint: don’t ask for a short back and sides! You might also want to try waxing at home, you can find more here for waxing products and options.

Here’s the aftercare I recommend.

You’ve had a lovely, relaxing facial and you’re feeling all chilled. You amble over to the reception desk to hand over your hard-earned pennies and discover your skin has been vetted and critiqued to finest detail and your beauty therapist now has a long line of products for you to take home. Not only do you have no idea what most of them do, you then see the price tag. Needless to say, that chilled feeling didn’t last long!

Whilst all of these sentences may make us shudder, they are actually the sign of a well-trained and professional therapist. A good beauty therapist wants to give you the right treatment and the best results, so there will be a few awkward questions sometimes, but they are often a sign that you are in good hands.

Author bio

Louisa Fryatt is a PR agent in the professional beauty industry and also writes for the UK Beauty Online blog.

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