Buckley London Mesh Bracelets*

Buckley London Bracelet

These adorable bracelets came from Buckley London and each one has a little charm on it plus 20 dazzling crystals (pretty much the way to my heart). They are made of a stretchable woven material which makes them a great fit for any wrist size and great if your weight tends to fluctuate a little bit – you won’t need to buy them in different sizes. That’s a great feature for me as my wrists are pretty small and I find it a little bit tricky sometimes to buy bracelets that are small enough, however, there are some places where you can find bracelets that could fit you, for example, from somewhere like this official website or elsewhere similar.


My favourite way to wear these is getting multiples and wearing them stacked together for a fun, slightly quirky look which is perfect for summer festivals. They come in a choice of rhodium, yellow and rose gold platings and you can mix and match them or wear them separately. I’ve got all three colours – one to go with any outfit!

OOTD Buckley London

Buckley London has won many awards for their costume jewellery which is available at really affordable prices (these bracelets are £20 each or £24.99 for a pack of three). All their pieces are designed in the UK using the finest quality materials.

Find out more about these gorgeous bracelets here.

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