#BookClub Saving Grace by Jane Green

Saving Grace by Jane Green
Saving Grace tells the story of Grace Chapman, who lives comfortably in New York state with her best-selling author husband, Ted. She seems to have the perfect life but everything is not exactly as it seems. When they hire a new assistant, Beth, stuff really hits the fan. Is Beth the perfect assistant or does she have an ulterior motive.

This is a great beach read and I literally devoured it when I was in Portugal and finished it in about two days. If you’ve read my other #BookClub posts, you’ll know I find it difficult to be sympathetic and like female lead characters as they’re so often weak and I find it hard to relate to that. I love strong female leads but they seem to be quite few and far between.

I actually like Grace. To be fair, she isn’t the strongest character – she’s a little bit hard done to in her marriage, having to deal with her husband who has an artistic temperament and she definitely doesn’t stick up for herself, however, she seems really real. Her struggles are real and it’s a really great portrayal of middle aged concerns.

You feel so completely on her side that, as the story unfolds, you feel her injustice and come to hate the characters who are trying to ruin her perfect life. The book deals with a lot of issues including infidelity and mental health so it’s a lot more than just a fluffy chick lit novel. Towards the end, things really spiral out of control and it’s difficult to see a way out for Grace.

Food is one of the main themes of Saving Grace (Grace is a chef and adores cooking) and I’m pretty into food – well, eating it at least. There is a recipe at the end of some of the chapters which relates to something that has been in the chapter – delicious things like lemon and almond cake and salmon parcels with watercress, rocket and cream cheese – and I definitely want to try out some of these when I have a spare afternoon.

It’s a really emotional read and one which explores the darker side of relationships, I’d definitely recommend it for a romantic novel with a really serious edge.
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4 Responses

  1. Catherine says:

    I enjoy Jane Green’s books but haven’t read Saving Grace. I want to know how it ends after reading your review 🙂

  2. chantelle hazelden says:

    This is an author I’ve not heard of before but you definitely have me interested with your review, I love a nice easy read sometimes. thanks for linking up with #readwithme x

  3. Nat Jones says:

    I love Jane Green. I haven’t tried this one yet but her other books I just couldn’t put down! #readwithme x

  4. Sharon Powell says:

    This book sounds like a great read. I love the fact it is a chick lit but also deals with real life issues. It sounds like it could easily be made into a film x #ReadWithMe

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