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Blurring the Line is the first book in The Firing Line series by Kierney Scott and it follows the story of Beth, a young policewoman liaising with an undercover civillian in order to infiltrate a dangerous gang. Beth doesn’t trust anyone and plays her cards very close to her chest but will the frightening Torres be able to get under her skin?

So – first of all characters – I like Beth, she’s definitely a strong, independent female lead. She’s obsessed with her career and is super loyal and caring about her family. She’s paying to get her sister through veterinary school and cares deeply for her mother who has the beginnings of Alzeimhers. She is, however, a little frustrating. Throughout the book I’m willing her to fall for Torres and let her guard down but she never really manages it.

I definitely found myself attracted to Torres – he’s got that bad boy charm plus he’s good at DIY (always a plus in a man – Mr P, take note!) and he’s kind of dark and brooding. I think the characters are really well developed and you definitely feel like you know them.

This book seems to be part of that 50 Shades of Grey trend now as it has some sex scenes in it. However, unlike 50 Shades (which, incidentally, I’m not a huge fan of) these intimate passages are more subtle and quite normal – no signs of bondage and S&M here.

The plot is kind of two fold. There is the romance which is clearly the main story and then there is the infiltrating gang warfare sort of story. I didn’t really enjoy this secondary plot line as I felt there were lots of holes in it and it just didn’t really make a lot of sense.

I was really disappointed by the ending of the book – it was kind of ambiguous and didn’t really give me the answers I was looking for – do Beth and Torres end up together or not? I am a sucker for a happy ending or a huge plot twist and this had neither.

Blurring the Line is a romantic read which sort of masquerades as a novel about organised crime. If you want a story about love and passion then this is it.

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