Blue is the new Black, Tan is the new Pale

I have been in Mallorca for five days now and I am already sunburnt. All over. Therefore I have decided that the must have accessory for this summer as it has been for most previous summers is a killer tan. So I am keeping out of the midday sun and applying plenty of aftersun. I have also purchased some once a day suncream P20 on the advice of many family and friends. Well it hasn’t stopped me from being burnt but it has solved the dilemma of reapplication: when, how much, after swimming?

I also bought new make up before leaving England. When I went to put my make up on on the first night, my heart stopped when I realised that I had accidentally bought blue liquid eyeliner and didn’t have a spare black one! However, I decided to persevere and put it on over my Topshop silver eyeshadow pencil and to my surprise I loved it! And what made it even sweeter was that I only paid £1.99 for it from Miss Sporty – Miss Sporty Be Connected Liquid Eyeliner

I’m still going to get my friends to bring me a black one when they come to visit me, just so I have options!

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