How to beat the post-Christmas blues*

post Christmas blues
Christmas is over, it’s ages until payday and it’s freezing cold – yes, there’s not all that much to look forward to in January. However, it’s only 31 days so let’s take a deep breath and get through this together – here are my top tips for surviving everyone’s least favourite month.

Take a January holiday

I’ve been away in January for the last couple of years – last year I spent the beginning of the year in New York and this year I took my boy to Rome for his birthday surprise which was the best city break ever (check back soon for some Rome blog posts!). Having a holiday in January allows you to prolong those blues for a little bit longer and gives you something to look forward to once Christmas is over.

Hibernate…or just snuggle up!

Life is so busy that January can sometimes be a nice opportunity to take a bit of a break. Everyone’s skint so there aren’t lots of big nights out or dinners to go to so it’s nice to stay home, save money and recover from December, the busiest month of the year. Get some snuggly nightwear and slippers, a cosy blanket and get into a boxset. We’ve been watching The Affair on Sky and I’m addicted to it – although I’ve never hated two main characters more!

Be sure to budget

Ok, this one won’t help you much this year but remember it for when October rolls around! I always try to get my Christmas presents with the last but one payday, if not before, so that I don’t have to spend December’s pay on them and that means that you can save more money for January, which is the longest time between paydays. And more money in January means more treats to get you through the month without the need for short term loans! If you’re super efficient (and I’ve never managed this yet) then put a certain amount of money away per month to spend over Christmas.

Early spring cleaning

Clean house equals clean mind and it’s nice to start a new year with a beautifully clean house – out with the old in with the new! One of my new year’s resolutions is to sort out the house and make it a little homelier. We’ve moved more of my boyf’s stuff in, we’re going to transform the spare room into my walk-in wardrobe and we’re going to wallpaper the front room. Cleaning and decorating will also keep you busy on your weekends in.

Make plans for the year

I love looking ahead to everything that’s happening in the year and planning trips away. This gives you something to get excited for and to make aims (whether they’re to save up, lose weight or get a better wardrobe!) Read my 2017 travel plans for some inspiration.

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