BackBliss Lotion Applicator*

This is a problem which pretty much every single girl has. Whether it’s your body moisturiser, sun cream on holiday or your fake tan, it’s a pain applying it to the middle of your back. There’s always that little spot right in the centre of your back which you can’t reach. And, if you haven’t got a helpful friend or a partner to help you out, this can cause problems.

An un-moisturised spot can become dry and flaky, if sun cream hasn’t been applied, you could get burnt. Or, in the case of fake tan (my favourite!), you could be left with an embarassing white patch. This isn’t a myth, it has happened to me before. And sometimes putting the mitt right on the edge of your fingers just won’t cut it.

However, your prayers have been answered. Clever entrepreneur Caroline Wagstaff saw this problem and has come up with the perfect solution – the BackBliss Lotion Applicator. As seen on the BBC show Dragons’ Den, this hard working invention reaches round so that you can put your lotion, tan, sun cream, or whatever else you want to put on your back, with ease.

The pad which applies your moisturiser is washable and replaceable which means it’s super hygenic and it manages to use just the right amount of pressure to rub in your lotions until they are completely absorbed.

Yep girls, say goodbye to white bits, dry bits, bits that are used to being ignored and start giving your back some love. With this added to your pampering routine, you’ll get an all over body treatment – leaving no area neglected.

Visit the BackBliss website for more information.

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