Alfie’s Christmas OOTD*

Christmas jumper
The best thing about Christmas? Of course, it’s got to be the fashion. From Christmas swing dresses and the cheesiest Christmas jumper you can find to sparkling New Year’s Eve dresses, there’s nothing like dressing up over the festive season. But why should we get all the fun?! Usually I’m not a massive fan of dressing dogs up – my beloved Alfie is a spaniel and he’s a pretty outdoorsy/scruffy type of dog – but I feel like Christmas is the time when you can really get away with it. I already have a couple of reindeer outfits and Christmas jumpers for him but sent him this lovely pudding jumper. Although it hasn’t actually been that cold yet, a jumper is also a great way of keeping your pampered pooch warm on walkies.

Alfie Christmas
Here Alfie is modelling his Christmas jumper and he looks so cute I could ALMOST forgive him for the £12.50 worth of Hotel Chocolat chocolates that he ate the other day…

Get your four-legged BBF their very own Christmas jumper from here.

Dog Christmas jumper

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  1. May 16, 2017

    […] nothing worse than seeing dogs being pushed in pushchairs (they have legs!), dogs in clothes (Christmas is the only time this is acceptable!) and pooches that are too posh. I like dogs to be dogs – […]

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