Airbase At Home Airbrush Make-Up System*

Airbrushing isn’t just for tanning, it’s for your make-up too!

I’d heard of Airbase make-up before and I kind of knew what it was all about – high definition, flawless, airbrush make-up. But I’d always known it as a professional only product, great for weddings and special occasion make-up and applied by a make-up artist. 

It’s not just for professionals, you can use this make-up system at home too!

However, Airbase now have an at home system which means that you don’t even need to leave the house to achieve the same look that you can at the salon.

When the kit first arrived, I was a little over whelmed – it looked like something from the future and, safe to say, I’m not exactly technically minded – I even spent about ten minutes trying to open the kit at the hinges rather than the clasp! 
After that little hiccup (my fiancĂ© then spent 10 minutes laughing at my stupidity) I was into the kit and ready to go. Luckily (for me) it comes with really detailed instructions on how to put together the airbrush and get it ready for make-up application. 

Everything you need for flawless make-up application

The kit is like a little make-up station and comes with a mirror, primer, foundation, blusher, bronzer and eye shadow. You can literally sit in front of the mirror and get ready. The mirror even has lights around it which have two brightness settings which means that you can apply you make-up appropriately for the lighting of the occasion – day make-up, night time, special occasion, etc. Plus, the lights make you feel like a movie star!

I’ve always been a fan of airbrush tanning – it really does give you a flawless look, especially in legs which are prone to bruising, shaving spots and other little imperfections – and this is exactly the same but for your face! The airbrush means that the right amount of product is applied and so the coverage is light. If you have really bad skin like I do, you may need to go over the face more than once in order to cover the blemishes. 
You can also use the contouring products included in the kit – blusher and bronzer – to give your face the correct amount of light and shade. The best thing about the Airbase system is that it’s really quick to use, eliminating all the blending, saving you minutes in the morning or at night. 
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