5 ways to get more light into your home*

I love light and airy spaces – they’re so inspiring, relaxing and calming. My home is like this and I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s especially important to get plenty of natural light as it gives us much-needed vitamin D, can warm us up and even have a positive affect on your mood (think how happy you feel when you’re driving on a sunny day!). Here are five ways that you can introduce more light into your home.

1. Paint the walls

Painting can be a low-cost way of freshening up your home. To keep the rooms light and airy go with either white, cream or a light grey. It’s also nice to keep your house the same colours throughout to give the illusion of a bigger, open plan space, even if it’s not. My two bed apartment is all painted cream with a white kitchen which is nice as it’s quite a small space.

2. Add a roof lantern

If you already have large windows but need more light in your room, you could always look at adding a roof lantern. Cheap roof lanterns can be found and they come in aluminium and UPVC so can match your existing windows and doors. If you are on the lookout for a new set of UPVC windows then there are a number of UPVC windows supply only services that could help you.

3. More mirrors

Mirrors give the illusion that your room is bigger, and also reflect the light which adds brightness. I’m currently in the process of turning my spare room into a dressing room and I’m looking forward to adding a mirror to my dressing table and a full length mirror to the back of my door.

4. Patio doors and large windows

Obviously the more windows and glass doors you have in a room, the more natural light that can come in, which is a whole lot better than living in artificial light all the time. It’s also really warming when it’s sunny outside (even if the temperature doesn’t quite match!). My apartment has a Juliet balcony with patio doors which are great for throwing open during summer and letting the sounds from the street below and the heat seep in (ahhh I miss summer!). Installing bifold patio doors similar to what you’d find at Aluminium Doors in Melbourne is a doable task as long as you’ve got the right equipment to work with – most of which can be found over at somewhere like Bifold-hardware.com, where you could be able to find the tools you need to give your home a fresh summery touch.

5. Keep your garden in shape

This isn’t something I have to worry about as I don’t actually have a garden, but if you do – make sure that your windows are kept clear from bushes and trees which could obscure the light. For this, you’ll need your pruning tools (can you tell I’m not a gardener?!) or maybe even professional tree surgeons if the work is high and dangerous. Your trees should get some TLC every once and a while anyway. Ensure that your plants and bushes are kept beautifully manicured and you shouldn’t have to worry about them blocking out your light.

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