5 things I love about travelling*

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Of course, it’s really hard to narrow down the list of things I love about travelling to just five because I basically love everything about it, but here I am trying to do just that.

The excitement

Just like Christmas, one of the best things about travelling is the build up – there’s no better feeling than having something to look forward to. I like to get a countdown going on the Holiday Extras Countdown app on my phone and put all my upcoming trips in there. If you have a bad day, it’s great to look on there and see how long it is til you can put your out of office on. I’m really hoping to do a USA road trip soon. An rv rental Tampa looks really enticing to me!

Spending time with people I love

I don’t mind travelling by myself, but I love going away with my family and friends. It’s a great opportunity to spend lots of time together without the stresses of everyday life getting in the way. It’s also a good test for relationships – my boyf and I recently spent 24 hours a day together for 24 days in Australia and we got on amazingly so I’m sure it’s for keeps.

Exploring a new place

Obviously this one goes without saying – it’s the main reason many of us travel. As soon as I get to a new place, I like to have a recce mission around the local area to see what’s around. No two places are the same and that’s what makes discovering somewhere new so exciting. As all my friends know how much I love travelling, they recommended that I checked out this article titled, Why staying at a Sarawak longhouse is worth your Malaysian trip, which I did look into. It came as no surprise to them that after becoming inspired by the lovely country of Malaysia, I was straight onto my laptop to book my next trip away. This is what travelling is all about. There are times where you sit down and plan your trips, but there are others, like this one, where being spontaneous is the way to go. There are so many places I’d still like to visit and the thought of possibly being able to visit a luxury resort on Hua Hin Beach in Thailand is unreal because it would be a completely different experience to everywhere else!

Getting away from it all

Unless you’re travelling for work, when you go away you’re leaving everything in your every day life behind and it kind of feels so far away. You can forget about all the stresses of work, you don’t have to do any cleaning (or minimal cleaning at least, depending on where you’re staying!), and you get plenty of time to think. I remember a trip to Dubai with my best friend when I was going through a hard time gave me plenty of head space – I came home so refreshed and ready to face everything again.

The food

Of course, I must mention the food. I love trying new things and whenever I go away, I always try the local specialities and ask the waiting staff what they would recommend. Discovering a new favourite food or trying something authentic that you’ve tried the English version of is just great. Shout out to local wines as well – a trip wouldn’t be a trip without wine!

And one thing I hate…

When things go wrong
To be fair, I haven’t been on that many holidays where things have drastically gone wrong (well, any in fact), but every trip I go on seems to have a bit of a mini drama. Most of the time it can be sorted out with a quick phone call to the airline/accommodation provider/attraction. Customer Service Guru provide hard to reach contact numbers for holiday websites and airlines for those moments when you just need to speak to somebody.

So there you have it – five things I love about travelling! What is it that you love so much about travelling? Let me know in the comments!

[post in collaboration with Customer Service Guru]

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