5 ingredients for the perfect bath

If you’re a busy girl like me, a lovely bath will be a rare luxury enjoyed quickly between appointments, blog posts, looking after your hubby/puppy and cocktails with the girls. So you definitely need to make the most of it and here’s my five tips to doing just that.

1. Bubbles

No bath is complete without bubbles! Whether you like to hide your naughty bits in them or make a bubble beard, these are an essential ingredient to your indulgent bath. My favourite bubbles at the moment are these Ted Baker ones, they smell amazing, although they don’t tend to keep their bubbles for too long and so you may have to add more during the course of your bath. Especially if you love hour long baths like me! Not content with just bubbles, add bath crystals and bath bombs to the bath to make it extra luxurious. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that Lush is one of the best places to buy bath products on the high street, and I also love the Cath Kidston bath range which my mother-in-law bought me for my birthday last year.

2. Candles

I love candles in every aspect of my life! Not just for the birthday cake, I light candles every night to give the apartment a little bit of a more romantic/intimate atmosphere and a nice fragrance. Candles in the bath are especially lovely to promote that relaxing atmosphere. My favourites are Yankee’s Fluffy Towels and Wedding Day – they smell amazing, even when they’re not burning.

3. Natural sponge

Of course, the bath is not all about relaxing – you do have to wash yourself too! The most indulgent way to do this is with some gorgeous rich soap (I like the Body Shop’s) and a natural sponge from The Sponge Market. Perfect for any girlies with sensitive skin, these sponges, from the beautiful clear waters of Greece and Fliorida, are super soft and gentle. They last longer than synthetic sponges and are hypoallergenic. Super absorbent, they allow for easy and luxurious, massaging cleaning – giving you some much-needed me-time.

4. Peace and Quiet

For a truly relaxing bath, you need complete quiet which means that you must be in the house on your own. However, this can be quite difficult if you have a boyf/girlf/husband/wife/kids/flatmate. So, I much prefer having Mr P come and talk to me while I’m soaking – I just make sure he’s in a relaxed mood too! It’s also nice to put on some classical music or ballads on to help you really wind down.

5. Lashings of hot water

Ok, so this is pretty much a given but you need super hot water to really enjoy a bath. You don’t want any lukewarm water as this will just not do the trick. I love the feeling of lowering myself into a really hot bath until the tips of the lobes of my ears touch the water – it feels amazing. Try it tonight when you have your relaxing bath!

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4 Responses

  1. Mina Joshi says:

    Perfect way to relax and unwind. Peace and quiet and may I add some classical music and a cold class of champagne too!

  2. Sarah Gordon says:

    I don’t use my bath enough I think I need a relaxing night!
    http://www.sarahxsarah.com xx

  3. Vicki Angel says:

    Lovely! Wish I got to have relaxing baths more often! 🙂 xoxo

  4. Coco Butter says:

    Ooooh a glass of champagne is definitely a good addition – or perhaps the bottle?!

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