4 reasons why summer is the ideal time for working out*

Although the weather may not always play ball with your dreams of beaches and barbecues, summer comes around every year. As you are getting ready for it, it helps to make sure that you get in shape for summer by keeping on top of your fitness and diet. Are you hitting the beach? Going for long summer walks? Looking forward to party season? Whatever the case, being in the best shape possible will make all the difference.

The good news is that summer is the ideal time to get a fitness regime going. Whatever your plans for the season, a healthy balance will achieve the best results. What you eat and drink will help, but what you do in the gym is also key. To assist you, summer has a lot of benefits that you may not even have considered:

1. Take advantage of warmer weather


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Warm weather is the best time for exercise. Studies have shown that the warmer the weather is, the better it is for muscle recovery. You’ll still need to warm up beforehand. The warmer weather does help with this, though. This will make your workouts more efficient. You will feel less sapped after a workout. You’ll find you even look forward to hitting the gym!

2. More sunlight, more motivation


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The summer brings with it more daylight, which helps with motivation and energy. We all know how the winter months make long lie-ins so tempting. This is entirely natural. The reverse is also true, though. After a winter of hitting the snooze button as often as you feel you can get away with, your attitude should begin to shift with the longer months. Even though you’ll still sometimes want to sleep in, it’s easier to resist. As your body becomes more accustomed to getting up earlier, the snooze button will lose some of its lustre.

3. Feelings of liberation


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It’s a lot easier to maintain a wellness regime in summer months. We’re all more open to the idea of doing a bit of gardening, going for a country or beach walk (or swim!), and even playing sport in the park. All these things are fun and keep the body in rhythm and condition to make a workout regime easier. The more you do, the more you’ll feel able to do. Momentum is a beautiful thing!

4. No hiding from reality!


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There is more motivation to keep fit in the summer. We’re all likely to put on weight in winter when it’s cold, and we need the insulation. You’ll be more motivated in summer when revealing clothes show the worst of the winter excesses. One quick glance at a mirror is going to show it all off, and a quick trip to 247 fitness will immediately become a priority. You won’t be as tempted just to hibernate.

It’s often daunting to begin with, even if the days are getting longer and warmer. If you’ve been longing to get in shape, you will find those summer days are the best possible motivation. Once you’ve started, it’s easier to keep going too. If you’ve had a gym regime before and found yourself falling off it, there’s also no better time to restart.

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    […] The warm weather means that staying in shape is much easier and more enjoyable. A great option for staying in shape and having fun while working out this summer is joining a sports team. Whether it’s a netball, […]

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