28 Uses for Coconut Oil

Uses for Coconut Oil
Every now and again something comes along and takes the beauty industry by absolute storm and coconut oil is definitely one of those products. I first heard about it when I was asking people what they thought of the CocoWhite teeth whitening and somebody suggested that it was just the same as pure coconut oil which is a lot cheaper. I can’t really comment on whether it is the same or not as I haven’t tried CocoWhite but it definitely pushed me into giving coconut oil a go. A colleague of mine bought me a HUGE jar of it so I’ve literally been using it for everything – I was surprised how much you can do with it! The first thing I did was google “uses for coconut oil” and I found loads! As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of my blog, I love multi-talentd products as it saves you money as well as space in your home and so this is right up my street. So here’s what I’ve been using it for…

Uses for Coconut Oil

1. Moisturiser – yes, it is oil but I’ve always been advised that with oily skin you should use oil based products. Only use a tiny bit otherwise you’ll end up with a glistening sheen.
2. Body moisturiser – it is especially nice for your legs, reminds me of when I used to use baby oil on them before I was allowed to shave!
3. Eye cream
4. Lip cream
5. Lip balm
6. Cleanser
7. Shaving cream – yep, there’s no need to cry next time you run out of shaving cream.
8. Hair mask – I kept it in overnight and then washed my hair thoroughly in the morning and it was left soft and shiny.
9. Hair serum – if you have unruly hair then use a small amount to smooth frizz – I have naturally greasy hair so unfortunately can’t get away with this.
10. Cooking – substitute cooking oil for this as it’s healthier!
11. Add to smoothies – because it’s an oil, you can’t really add it to water but add it to your morning smoothie for an extra boost as it gives you energy.
12. Cuticle cream – I usually use CND’s Solar Oil on my cuticles but lately I’ve been using this – it strengthens and hydrates nails.
13. Hand cream
14. Highlighter – a little touch of this on your cupid’s bow gives you a to-die-for pout.
15. Make-up remover – wipe over eyes to get rid of even the most stubborn traces of make-up.
16. Body scrub – mix with sea salt or sugar for an exfoliating scrub.
17. Homemade deodorant – ok, so I haven’t actually tried this one, but you COULD.
18. Teeth whitener – swill round your mouth for 15 minutes for whiter nashers.
19. Stretch mark remover
20. Apparently it’s a natural SPF4 sun cream but I wouldn’t recommend this.
21. Massage oil (ahem)
22. On cuts and burns to help them heal
23. Add a bit to slow cooker recipes
24. Psoriasis or eczema cream
25. Hayfever cure – rub on the inside of your nostrils to stop pesky pollen making its way up there.
26. After sun
27. Cellulite treatment
28. Mosquito bite cream

Got more uses for coconut oil? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. René Brooks says:

    I am always so late to jump on the bandwagon with the new beauty trends, I usually like to sit back and see what results everyone else gets before I join in. I think you have FINALLY convinced me to lay hands on some coconut oil. Love this post!

  1. August 29, 2015

    […] John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Brightening Deluxe serum (I use 10 pumps all over my hair), and coconut oil. I usually tie my hair up in a ponytail and obviously make sure I wash my hair thoroughly in the […]

  2. September 23, 2016

    […] of your skin and to moisturise it, too, it’s recommended to use natural products. You should use coconut oil because it works as a great […]

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